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Complex Homeopathic Medicine

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   "Classical" homeopathy is the original method, which involves using a single homeopathic remedy—a dilution created from one original substance.  Typically one dose is given only, and one waits to see how the patient’s body responds over time. 

   There are thousands of possible homeopathic remedies, made from plant, animal, and mineral substances.  It seems that the bulk of homeopathic practitioners still use this approach.  I offer no criticism of classical homeopathy, or practitioners who employ this approach.  My commentary is simply that my family had absolutely no success whatsoever with this approach, consulting with several of the best recommended classical homeopathic physicians on the East coast. 

    Complex Homeopathy

 It was the complex homeopathic approach, combined with 3-Phase Auricular Therapy (a French-derived system of ear acupuncture) that enabled my wife to completely heal herself from chronic Lyme disease .  

   And logically, this is the system I pursued to help my patients.  Complex homeopathy was introduced by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985).  He broke with the tradition of using only one remedy at a time.  Reckeweg found that if there were many remedies that might help the patient at any given time, a mixture would increase the odds of success.  

   This is not a radical thought. 

   If we consume any food, or a multi-vitamin, for example, our bodies may not need or use all of its components, but rather will use what’s in demand.  It’s like tuning your radio dial to a specific station—locking in to a specific frequency… even though ALL available radio frequencies are in the airwaves at all times. 

   Your body can ignore the frequencies from which it does not benefit.  Reckeweg also came up with the concept of the homaccorde.  This is where any homeopathic remedy or group of remedies is created with multiple potencies.  Again, it is your body that utilizes what it needs, and ignores the rest.  The idea is to cover multiple phases of complex medical problems, even though the conventional medical diagnosis is not required at all for healing success.


   Reckeweg called his new approach Homotoxicology.  With homotoxicology, we understand that our bodies express symptoms of diseases because we are dealing with poisons (toxins), which we need to eliminate (excrete).  With homotoxicology, formulas composed of electromagnetic frequency energetic signatures are created to stimulate improved removal of toxins from the body. 

   In my experience, this complex and comprehensive homeopathic approach enables us to naturally promote the body into quicker and deeper action towards recovering from illness and injury.  Unlike classical homeopathy, where a single dose is given, we give daily multiple doses of multiple formulas, each of which may have hundreds of homeopathic components. 

   We do not call these “ingredients” as there is no physical substance, but rather an electromagnetic energy frequency base or “footprint.”  Another major benefit of the complex homeopathic approach is there are no problems of getting the wrong potency, dosage, or remedy.
 A component of this comprehensive and complex homeopathic and homotoxicological approach is called Isopathy. 

   Isopathy is the use of a homeopathic dilution remedy of a product of a disease itself (nosode).  A common example is Lyme disease, where one of the many components of treatment is formulation of the electromagnetic frequency of the offending bacteria (Borrelia).  This acts as a bio-energetic stimulus to ones immune system—a simulation of the disease itself, which triggers more rigorous action and attention by the body itself. 

   The BODY is the agent of cure; the isopathic stimulus itself has no curative properties.  We call bio-energetic preparations of disease, nosodes.  But it is critical to understand that nosodes are unlikely to be effective alone—they must be a part of a comprehensive complex homeopathic regimen.   

   In addition, if there are unresolved blockages to movement of energy in the body (a concept that conventional Western pharmaceutical medicine rejects), no treatment is likely to succeed.  The first step in my wellness treatment protocol is detection and elimination of energetic blockages using 3-phase Auricular Therapy, a specialized acupuncture procedure.

Homeodynamics is a recent technological advancement derived from original principles of homeopathy.  It is definitely not your grandmother’s homeopathy.  It is a specialized high-tech method of imbedding digitized computer-coded electromagnetic frequencies (energetic “footprint”) of over 15,000 long-established homeopathics into easy-to-take products, for a tiny fraction of the cost of individual remedies.  I am able to utilize proprietary formulas (created by my mentor, Nader Soliman, M.D., and myself) to suit the complex needs of my patients.  

   Homeodynamic formulas contain no physical substance of any kind, beyond the distilled water/organic alcohol solution in which the energy signatures are encoded.  

         We regularly enjoy spectacular success after patients’ multiple (and obscenely costly) failures under the “conventional” pharmaceutical “cookie-cutter” treatment of disease system.  I gained my expertise in this treatment approach because it rescued my family from a life of illness. 

   I offer no claims of superiority over any other doctor or treatment method; I humbly state that it is simply my way, for those who request it.  I am proud to use homeopathic principles in my practice and family life. 

   I practice what I preach. 

   It is however important to clarify its role.  I do not use homeopathic principles (and any examination methods leading to its recommendation) as a means of medically diagnosing or treating specific conditions, or as a replacement for necessary traditional medications (I don’t prescribe, nor do I un-prescribe drugs).

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