How My Family & Patients

Have Gotten Well:

Homeodynamics Bio-Energetic Wellness Support:

A Sophisticated Technological  Upgrade

from Traditional Homeopathy

   By Dr. Donald Liebell  

   People are absolutely capable of getting well.  I have had the privilege to see it happen again and again.  I have experienced it myself too .  Some people never catch colds, regardless of their exposure to sick people.  Others never succumb to the flu or other “bugs” going around in the community.  They are fortunate to have strong immunity towards those particular germs.  The fact is some people are immune to the Borrelia bacteria of Lyme disease too. 

   They can be bitten by infectious ticks, but not develop Lyme disease.  It stands to reason that one can develop immunity to it as well. 

   It appears that with the Bio-energetic Individual Treatment Equation©, patients are developing natural immunity to infection, and healing themselves. 

   Let me be crystal clear that this is not a medical claim; I have no published scientific proof of this at this point in time.  However, the response patients demonstrate and report suggests this is the case.   The purpose of this article is to tell you how I support my patients in their quest for better health.  


   Homeodynamics Bio-Energetic Technology

   The term “bio-energetic” means living energy.  The proprietary bio-energetic supplements we utilize are the ultimate part of the Bio-energetic Individual Treatment Equation©.  Each patient’s customized regimen includes between five and fifteen different bio-energetic support products that work together as a whole.   

     The bio-energetic wellness supports we utilize work by the principles of homeopathy, but they are technically not homeopathic remediesThey are called Homeodynamics™. 

   The term homeodynamics means similar force (or power).  This is subtly different from its parent treatment method, homeopathy—which means similar pathology (the Law of Similars). 

   Homeodynamics, the Wisconsin-based, FDA-registered facility combines proven methods of traditional homeopathy with recent breakthroughs in technology.  This is definitely not your grandmother’s homeopathy. 

   The sophisticated process by which homeodynamic wellness supports are created is best described as embedding encoded "virtual blueprints" of substances to produce what are known as energy signatures.  

   The Homeodynamic™ process of creating an energy signature of a substance is fascinating and complex.  It was introduced around the year 2007.  Precise multi-layered images of the desired substance are created from symbols, shapes and colors.  They are interwoven with alpha-numeric characters, which may be up to 300,000 pages long. These signatures are then converted to a digitally-formatted card. The developer of the cards calls this process Coherent Energy Transduction.

   To create our liquid sublingual spray supplements, the card is placed in an instrument called an Alpha-numeric Transducer (ANT).  The ANT imprints the energetic signatures into a liquid solution of water, alcohol, and a few trace minerals.   According the founder of Homeodynamics, Michael Leger, this gives us the most consistent and highest quality products. 

   It enables creation of complex supplements that would cost literally as much as several hundred times the price, if created and sold as individual homeopathic remedies!  

   Mr. Leger’s background is a combination of computer science, computer graphics, computer music and computational mathematics.  His Masters focus was on magnetic field transduction into the sound/musical domain, the sonification of DNA-data and more generally in the field of resonance.  Mr. Leger has served in the homeopathic field as a consultant to Celletech and Uriel Pharmacy. He was introduced to Magneto-Geometric Application (MGA) devices, which can be used to create bio-energetic supplements similar to, and in my opinion superior to traditional homeopathic remedies.  Many patients I have encountered have tried single-remedy or classical homeopathic remedies, which were woefully insufficient in supporting the body to overcome the effects chronic tick-triggered illness. 

With the homeodynamic technology, we are able to create a “symphony” of bio-energetic holistic health support in a manner that to my knowledge, far exceeds any standard of safety, effectiveness, and ease of use.  The energy signatures are replicas of a wide variety of substances from plants, animals, trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other chemicals.   Each product may be composed of many dozens of different encoded, data-card provided energy signatures, at multiple strengths (potencies), crafted from an expanding library from which to choose.  This includes energy signatures of several thousand long-established homeopathic remedies, which are embedded into easy-to-take products, for a tiny fraction of the cost of individual remedies. 

   These are our flagship bio-energetic wellness support supplements, most of which have been designed by my mentor, Nader Soliman, M.D.  They are not commercial shelf items that can be purchased at a health food store or online.  They are manufactured upon demand, and are constantly updated and improved as well.

Bio-Energetic “Ingredients”

   The physical ingredients are the same for every homeodynamic support: a solution of distilled water with a tiny bit of organic alcohol and some trace minerals.  The formula for each product is a specific combination of energy signatures which are embedded into the liquid to facilitate a specific homeopathic type effect. 

   We are using energy—the essence or “fingerprint” of substances instead of actual chemical substances themselves (as in pharmaceutical medicine). 

   Clinical results suggest consistent daily exposure to beneficial frequencies results in the ailing and struggling body developing a heightened sense of its existing problems.  This in turn, gives it a safe and gentle “push” or “reminder” to take more aggressive action itself towards healing.  There is no curative force or action delivered. 

The person’s BODY is the only agent of healing. 

    How Can Water Contain Energy Signatures?

Does the concept of encoding water with energy signatures sound far-fetched or outrageous? 

   Consider how DVDs bring us the complexities of motion, color, and sound to our televisions and computers—digitally embedded in a piece of polycarbonate plastic!  A blank DVD can have infinite combinations of digital data encoded into it, which determine what movie, music, or other computer data can be accessed and utilized.  Like the blank DVD, each bottle of homeodynamic supplement begins with a blank water/alcohol solution.  The specific encoded data embedded into the solution determines what bio-energetic support supplement is created. 

   The term used by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Luc Montagnier is “water memory.”  Montagnier has declared that DNA emits electromagnetic waves that can be retained in water.  He established that this confirms the homeopathic hypothesis that water can retain the frequencies, imprints, or energetic signatures of substances.  Dr. Montagnier won the 2008 Nobel Prize for discovery of the AIDS virus (HIV). 

   He verified that electromagnetic signals not only can be retained in water, but can have dramatic biological effects!  My patients and I are sure of this because we have experienced its wonders in clinical practice on a daily basis.

   In his 2010 interview with Science Magazine, Dr. Montagnier reminded readers of the impressive results of homeopathy during nineteenth century with epidemics of cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, scarlet fever, and influenza.  The professor also asserted that homeopathic dilutions do not contain “nothing” as critics cry.  Montagnier stated that water structures mimic the original molecules.  Montagnier plans on continuing research on the phenomenon of electromagnetic waves produced by DNA in water—in particular the DNA of bacteria and viruses, and its impact on treatment of chronic disease.  Dr. Montagnier has pointed out however, that funding for research will be scarce since the conventional pharmaceutical companies cannot benefit from furthering homeopathy.

It is no surprise that scientists to assume that ultra-diluted solutions do not contain any original molecules.  But Montagnier's research (and that of many of his colleagues) has verified that electromagnetic signals of the original substance remains in the water and produce biological effects. 

   It is so opposite of conventional medical wisdom—even Dr. Montagnier’s peers do not “get it.” 

   So, if your local MD doesn’t “believe in” the homeopathic effect or water memory, perhaps you might put more trust in the opinion of a world-renowned scientist.    

   Another Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Brian Josephson, Ph.D. is also a homeopathy supporter.  In an article in New Scientist, Dr. Josephson defended the common criticism that homeopathy “couldn’t work” since there are no molecules of other substances present in the water. 

   This Cambridge University physics professor reminded naysayers that the beneficial effects of homeopathy have never been claimed to be due to the presence of molecules of medicinal substances, but rather the water’s structure, which contains embedded energy imprints.  

   Dr. James Oschman, yet another world-renowned scientist holds the same view about water.  According to Oschman, in his book “Energy Medicine—the Scientific Basis” the principle of water memory does not violate any laws of physics or nature.  He indicates that this is the thinking of scientists from ten different nations.  Oschman acknowledges that our scientific understanding of the physics of water is incomplete. 

   With homeopathy, energy signatures of biologically active molecules transfer into the water in which they are dissolved.  Like many things used in conventional medicine, it is not yet fully understood to science how encoding water with energy signatures works, or how it facilitates the clinically-observed health improvements.  What my wife, my patients, and I do know for sure is that it absolutely does work! 

A Symphony of Solutions

   Each patient’s individualized treatment regimen might include between five and fifteen different bio-energetic wellness support supplements.  The individual products combine to function as ONE synchronized cohesive functioning unit—a whole-body support.  They should not be viewed as individual "medicines."  Combined, they serve as your personalized, comprehensive wellness protocol, based upon the internationally-recognized and time-tested natural healing principles of homeopathic medicine.  

   They are a piece of cake to use. 

   All you do is pump one spray of each of them under your tongue.  The order in which they are taken does not matter, nor must a strict timetable be followed.  The entire process takes under thirty seconds, initially done three times daily, for two months.  Patients describe this as a “no excuse” treatment system. 

   There are many support formulas—each intended to support a different aspect of one’s health problems.  There are supports for specific organs and tissues such as the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, brain, muscles, tendons, nerves, etc.  Others serve to aid cellular detoxification, or natural support to help deal with particular pathogens and parasites, and many other matters.  What products are chosen depends upon the needs of the individual.   

   Every specialized formula has a unique combination of energy signatures intended to deliver a specific homeopathic effect.  Imagine a symphony orchestra playing a specific musical chord.  Each time a particular Homeodynamics product is sprayed under the tongue, you receive the beneficial burst of the various energy signatures that were embedded into the solution. 

   Each formula “plays a different chord” to your body.  The cumulative effect of the different “chords” from each supplement taking in succession produces the “song,” so-to-speak.  Daily regular exposure provides the whole-body, holistic wellness support.  The doctor’s job, by means of Auricular Bio-energetic Testing, comprehensive consultation, and medical history is to figure out what “chords” are needed to produce the right “song” for each patient.  This is obviously not a rigid “Lyme protocol,” nor is it the same for every patient. 

  Imagine a health and wellness technology that cannot harm you… that introduces no physical or chemical force or agent into your body… and provides the gentlest support for your ailing body to regain its focus so it can naturally heal itself. 

   Quit imagining, it’s here!  I am proud to be among the pioneers of its usage.   

   The Bio-energetic Homeopathic Response

   Imagine you’re stuck in a rut.  You have a problem you have been trying over and over to solve with no success.  There comes a point where you realize that you’re getting nowhere and it’s time to just give up and focus on what you can accomplish, and cope with the problem the best you can.  This seems to be true with the inner workings of the human body too.  Most of the time, the human immune system wins the fights against disease.  But sometimes it fights a losing battle and gives up.  Our bodies can become overwhelmed by certain problems and the healing process becomes stalled or stagnant.  It seems like the body can be weakened such that it is left to barely “whisper” to the immune system that it needs help. 

   Perhaps this is the gist of many chronic problems. 

   However, clinical results seem to suggest that properly administered homeopathy-based support can help your body to “scream at the top of its lungs” to your immune system for help.  We do not know yet scientifically if this is true, but those who have experienced it are certain it is. 

   It appears that exposure to energy signatures “challenge” our bodies’ defense and repair systems to respond, without side effects.  Imbalances seem to become corrected by providing signals that cancel abnormal frequencies that are disturbing the body.  It is my conviction that this is a major key to the results patients are achieving, even after years or decades of chronic pain and illness apparently triggered by tick-borne infection. 

   Admittedly, comprehensive scientific explanation and investigation may be years away—or perhaps never adequately pursued.  To many, clinical experience, consistent patient success, and massive worldwide appeal are more than sufficient proof.

   Injury and illness is accompanied by alterations to the electromagnetic properties of molecules, cells, tissues, and organs.  Our bodies possess an electromagnetic control network, in addition to the physical organ systems acknowledged by mainstream medicine.  Ancient methods such as acupuncture, as well as homeopathic medicine, electrical medicine, and modern laser therapeutics recognize this, and treat accordingly.  

   According to Dr. Paul Nogier, sickness results when cells and molecules are out of their normal resonance or vibratory pattern.  By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonance frequencies, healing often occurs, sometimes rapidly.  Modern biophysical research has confirmed that tissues respond to very tiny energy fields of the appropriate frequency, intensity, and pulse shape.  Therefore, treatments that introduce beneficial frequencies can trigger a stalled or blocked healing process back into active natural repair.   Like jump-starting a car with a dead battery, it can result in an operational “machine.”  This can take place even for patients who have had their problems for decades.

  Each of the bio-energetic support formulas we use are composed of as many as one hundred Homeodynamic energy signatures.   This comprehensive and complex approach has been employed with extraordinary success for my own family and my patients.  It is available to all who chose to pursue it.  I am certain the safety is unparalleled.    

Most patients require an initial daily regimen: one spray of each bio-energetic support formula, three times per day.  Any three times per day! 

   No thinking (or over-thinking!).

   No swishing it around in your mouth or counting how many seconds to hold the liquid, or swallow it. 

   No contemplating or questioning.  Just do it, and go about your day. 

   This not taking a pill, and waiting for it to “kick in.”  This is supplying your body with a “reminder” of the critically important and complex job it must do to get healthier.  It does not, and cannot make your body do anything it should not or could not do naturally.  The translation of that: NO side effects. 

    Your body does the healing.  Our immune systems are capable of beating bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.  Our inborn healing capacity cannot be overestimated.   The Homeodynamics-based wellness approach has been the answer for my family and patients from around the country.  No promises.  No "miracles."  No instant "cures."  Just your body receiving support for its own innate healing ability.     


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