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Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O., B.A.
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Virginia Board
of Medicine Since 1993

​Frequently Asked Questions

About My Homeopathic Methods

“Why did you decide to undergo training in this treatment system?"

     My treatment philosophy is simple: if something is effective for my family—it must be available for my patients too.  I've been in practice, treating people with chronic pain since 1993.  I have primarily treated people using the neuro-structural rehab procedure, Atlas Orthogonal.  However, a few years ago, I felt compelled to transform my practice.  I learned my methods because they were the solution to my wife, Sheila's chronic Lyme disease, and related disorders.  Traditional Western medicine could not resolve their conditions; comprehensive homeopathy, based upon the findings of Auricular Bio-energetic Testing bio-energetic testing (with Auricular Therapy ear acupuncture) did.

“Can I take bio-energetic homeopathic supplements if I am taking prescription, or over-the-counter medicines?”                                   

     Yes.  The homeopathic medicine is safe and compatible with all conventional medicines.  There are no drug interactions or side effects.  Remember that homeopathy works  energetically—drugs work chemically.

“What about BIOFILM?  Can your homeopathic treatment deal with it?"

   Biofilm is another one of the many debated topics in Lyme treatment.  If you've been treating with a "Lyme Literate Medical Doctor" or perhaps a nutritionist or herbalist, biofilm is a factor.  Biofilm is explained most simply as a protective slimy coated matrix of bacteria.  It makes the microbes resistant to antibiotics, as well as herbal medicine.  The chronic Lyme community obsesses over biofilm all the time.  It is NOT a factor in the whole-body homeopathic treatment for an individual who suffers Lyme and co-infections.  Human immune systems have been successfully dealing with biofilm for as long as we've walked the planet.  Most bacterial infections involve biofilms, which provide resistance to antibiotics.

    The energy medicine approach is not in any way limited or challenged by biofilm.  Quite frankly, discussions of such do not enter in the equation for my patients as a factor in analysis, diagnosis, treatment, or recovery.  When my patients feel their memory restored, their joint and muscle pains disappear, and their energy return... they don't have any more interest in whether or not biofilm may be seen.  

“Are your patients getting WELL from Lyme, or are you just treating the symptoms?  Are the results permanent?"

   My treatment is a whole-body, wellness-based protocol.  ALL improvements are the result of my patients own bodies healing themselves.  We are not masking symptoms or creating a temporary environment of reduced bacteria through chemical destruction of such.  A person who has degenerative damage due to long-term Lyme disease and other associated illness, may be perfectly able to get rid of the Lyme, but unable to restore damaged tissues.  Some damage may be permanent or very slow to regenerate.  So yes, wellness is indeed achieved.

   Results depend upon the extent of illness, but are expected to be permanent.  It is critical to keep in mind that Lyme is so common, that one can easily get it again and again.  I have had it twice, and have gotten completely well each time using exclusively comprehensive homeopathic treatment.  I have seen several patients, who while making extraordinary recoveries from chronic Lyme... got bitten by ticks and had a new bull's eye rash.  This didn't invalidate the effectiveness or permanence of my treatment.  If you've been bitten by a mosquito more than once in your life (they repeatedly transmit disease too), you can understand.  If you develop a common cold and recover... but a year later you get another cold... it didn't mean that you didn't get well from the first cold! 

“Are homeopathic bio-enegetic supplements safe for children?”

     They are extremely safe.  I treat many children in my practice for a wide variety of problems.  Kids respond beautifully to both auricular acupuncture and homeopathic treatment. 

“Why are homeopathic supplements best taken under the tongue?”

     This prevents the very tiny amount of alcohol in some of the remedies from reaching the stomach.

“What if I cannot tolerate alcohol… can I still take homeopathic bio-energetic supplements?”

     Yes.  It’s easy.  If one is an alcoholic or simply is bothered by alcohol, the various drops of homeopathic liquids can be left out on a plastic spoon for 30 minutes to allow the alcohol to simply evaporate.  There is also a method of using the heat of boiling water to evaporate the alcohol.  You simply boil water and pour into a tea cup.  Allow cup to heat and then empty the hot water.  Put the homeopathic dose into the heated tea cup and allow to sit for approximately 2 minutes.  Add a small amount of water and take or sip the dose.  This is warm enough to evaporate alcohol without destroying the homeopathic action.

“Why isn’t homeopathy covered by health insurance?”

   Homeopathic supplements, as well as vitamins or other nutritional products are not covered by American health insurance.   In France, approximately 70% of the population uses homeopathic medicine.  It is covered by their government health insurance.  And if you’ve been accustomed to a “knee-jerk” negative reaction to the phrase, “government health insurance” (or any political bias against the French) you should consider that the following:  The World Health Organization did an exhaustive and comprehensive study to rank the health care systems of the nations of the world.  They ranked France the best… and the United States 37th.  Homeopathy is regarded as “alternative medicine” in America.  Insurance coverage in the U.S. is for “real” medicine—the type that rakes in billions of dollars of profit. 

   Please, don't "shoot the messenger!"  I didn't create our health care system.

“I've read criticisms that homeopathy really just works by the “placebo effect."  Is this true?"

     This is of course, what ignorant, so-called conventional doctors loved to cry in criticism of their extraordinarily safe and inexpensive competitor.  There is much evidence that their accusations are unfounded and, in my opinion slanderous, and just plain idiotic.  For example, in 1997, the well-respected medical journal, The Lancet published a comprehensive 89-study analysis of placebo-controlled homeopathy for various illnesses.  Homeopathy was found to be clearly more effective than a placebo.

     If anybody whom I’ve successfully treated using homeopathy asks me if it was a placebo effect (nobody has to this point, by the way), I would answer with this question:

   Where was the “placebo effect” when they spent thousands of dollars on antibiotics, herbal medicines, Rife machines, nutritional supplements, etc. that failed miserably? 

   Didn’t they have “expectations’ of success to influence their mind with them too?  And what about all the babies and small children helped by homeopathy around the world?  Was there a placebo effect for them? 

   Of course the most stunning defeat of the idea comes from the fact that homeopathy has been successfully used for animals!  Frankly, I don’t care whether or not any patient thinks they get well via the “placebo effect”… as long as they get well.  Belief and expectations for treatment success can only help, but they are not required if the method is truly good.  

“Will I feel worse before I feel better?”

   In about half the cases, yes—it’s called a “healing crisis.”  The goal of homeopathy is to stimulate your body into action by making it aware that the problem is even worse than it really is.  All patients are reminded that within one to three weeks of taking homeopathic remedies for a chronic condition—they will feel worse before feeling better.  It should only last a few days.  A healing crisis should not be confused with side effects. 

   If your body is purging and draining toxins, it is expected to be unpleasant too.  Remember that true healing is not about masking symptoms.  This is also in contrast to the Herxheimer reactions Lyme sufferers report EACH time they use a Rife machine or other treatment. 

   The healing crisis of complex homeopathy takes place (if it does) within 3 weeks, and is not ongoing.  Herxheimer reactions are associated historically with antibiotic treatment.  Energetic stimulation of the immune system does not create the same situation because it is NOT a chemical assault on Lyme and associated bacteria.  My homeopathic treatments are NOT killing bacteria; they are stimulating your IMMUNE SYSTEM to naturally do the job.

“Should I tell my family doctor about me taking homeopathic treatment?"

     You can if you want to, of course.  But don’t expect too much.  Few American doctors have any background in homeopathy.  Even fewer have any experience in BOTH Lyme disease and comprehensive homeopathy.  Like the lay public, it appears most doctors think homeopathy is the same as herbal medicine (which can indeed have drug interactions and side effects).  Unfortunately people are prone to giving opinions on subjects for which they have little, or no knowledge or experience.  It is unethical medical practice for a doctor to discourage a patient from potentially helpful treatment.  I do not count on cooperation or mutual respect from doctors, who only recognize antibiotics as treatment.  

“Can I overdose on homeopathy?”

     Overdosing is not a concern.   Homeopathic treatment really isn’t a “dosage” at all in the traditional medical sense.  There are no medicinal or pharmaceutical substances in any of the remedies.  One should be careful to follow the doctor’s recommendations of frequency more so than the dosage or amount taken at one time.  The bottom line is that one cannot overdose on something that is not a drug.  The Homeodynamics bio-energetic supports cannot make your body do anything it's not supposed to do naturally. 

“Can I purchase the products you recommend at stores like Heritage, Whole Foods or other health food stores?”

     The proprietary bio-energetic supports I utilize are NOT the same as homeopathic remedies found in the stores.  They are created for my practice, and are available to only a few doctors in the world.  The products I choose are the result of comprehensive examination and testing.

“Why don’t you provide vitamin and mineral supplements in your practice like many other doctors do?”

     That's easy... I don't see them working!  If people were overcoming chronic Lyme through nutritional supplements, there would be no need for my services! 

  I find through bio-energetic testing that many are unnecessary, and serve as an ongoing expense to my patients.  I’m much more interested in teaching my patients to get nutrients through food and to save their money.  When people are convinced to take lots of vitamins through various marketing, physician, and media sources—they are “getting on board a train” that they will be “riding” indefinitely.  Yes, nutrition is vital to all health recovery; I am a big advocate of home vegetable juicing, and highly recommend it (dark greens especially).   I do utilize vitamin D supplements.  

     Many people are spending hundreds of dollars every month on vitamins that may be doing them no good at all.  Other doctors have told me I should sell supplements, saying, “people are buying them anyway in stores… why not buy them from me.”  But I won’t sell what I know to be unnecessary.  Yes, some people need some supplementation—but not nearly to the extent that marketers have led us to believe.  I can get an account with every supplement company out there and start providing them in my practice.  I won’t do it.  Homeopathic treatments, on the other hand, are mostly short term, highly effective and less costly than any other supplemental approach I’ve found.  I am interested in corrective treatments whenever possible.  

“Why do you not speak highly of herbal medicine in treatment of chronic Lyme?”

   The short answer is I don't see chronic Lyme sufferers getting WELL as a result of herbal medicine.  If they did (as is the case with antibiotic treatment), I would not exist  The teasel root and Samento might make people feel better, and of course I have no objection to that.  But like their laboratory prepared relatives, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbal medicines do NOT cross the blood-brain-barrier.   

   Herbs are complex and concentrated substances.  They are extracted from plants.  Basically, they are the raw forms of many prescription medications, thus our bodies may process them in the same manner.  We need to break down these substances through digestion in order to absorb the effective chemicals before our cells can use them.  Your body uses energy for this.  If you are sick and low on energy, this may not be an easy process.  

     Unlike homeopathic remedies, herbal medicines are not government regulated; they can have side effects and risks just like any prescription or over-the-counter medication.  It is wise to think of herbal medications as drugs, and to use them accordingly.  You should also understand that just because a medication is herbal... that doesn't make it safe. 

     Remember that pharmaceutical drugs are often based upon chemicals found in natural herbs.  Herbs should be used with great caution and knowledge.

  I could open a wholesale account with any herbal company, and make significant profits by selling these products.  If I included them in my comprehensive wellness protocols, I doubt anybody would question it.  After all, herbs are "natural."  And the assumption is that natural is automatically okay.

  It is not. 

  As mentioned above, the same goes for vitamins and other nutritional products.  I do not want my patients to spend a penny on products that do not drive them in the direction of wellness. 

   Please do not expect me to provide you with teasel root, cats claw, and samento... or sacks full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, herbal colon cleanses, or liver flushes.  These are simply not the treatments that are responsible for the great results!  The shelves of both my home and office are lined with complex homeopathic formulas; not these other products.  I practice what I preach.