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The Liebell Clinic: Chronic Pain & Wellness Solutions. bio-energetic testing. homeopathic support. auricular therapy ear acupuncture Holistic Healthcare For Chronic Symptoms Associated With Lyme Disease  

Dear Lyme Disease Victim,        

If you are tired of doctoring yourself with complicated herb, vitamin supplement, and diet protocols… or enduring risky and obscenely expensive long-term antibiotic therapy… you have come to the right place.  If you have had enough of the controversy, politics, and conspiracy theory hype of Lyme wars… look no further... help is on the way!

Welcome to my website.  My name is Dr. Donald Liebell.  I have had the privilege to help liberate patients from around the U.S. and Canada from a life sentence of misery… using the same approach that enabled my wife, Sheila to get well, after many years of suffering.  I am the author of the book, Biting Back: How to Naturally Overcome the Chronic Effects of Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Triggered Illness…After All Else Has Failed.

This website, my book, and my practice are not intended for interesting reading, or self-help tips to merely try to cope with Lyme disease.  I exist to help people naturally recover from chronic effects of illness triggered by tick-borne infection.  It is happening regularly!  I work outside the world of conventional health care, and even so-called alternative medicine, to help long-suffering folks, who have been exploited and mistreated medically.    

The Liebell Clinic is a family practice, in which I proudly have provided drug-free chronic pain relief treatment, and holistic wellness care since 1993.  I am its sole practitioner, providing all evaluation and treatment, with the wonderful assistance of my wife and office manager, Sheila, and Barbara, who runs the front desk. 

 If you are interested in professional help from people who not only understand your suffering... but have lived it personally... and most importantly, recovered, you'll want to read every word of this article.

I am the sole writer and designer of this website.  It is not written for me by some slick advertising firm; it's just me, speaking from the heart... speaking from experience.  My educational materials have been created upon demand from patients and prospective patients, who are committed to beating Lyme, and its related illnesses.  This website and my book, Biting Back serve as comprehensive resources for you to learn everything about the philosophy, science and art of how my patients have been consistently able to achieve astonishing results... without long-term antibiotics and other drugs.  I have my own views, observations, procedures, and clinical experiences to share with you.  I invite you to share your views too, and email me at necksecret@gmail.com with questions or comments, if you'd like.

If we dig deep enough and gaze far beyond what is conventional, there is a massive amount of overlooked, underused, and forgotten health wisdom to be found.  There have been numerous legitimate and progressive health breakthroughs that have been ignored by the gatekeepers of mainstream medicine (likely because there’s no money in them).  

I have pursued such wisdom throughout my career.  

I am proud to have studied the methods of some incredibly brilliant doctors and scientists.  I take credit only for my willingness to pursue their knowledge and skills, and apply them together to create a masterpiece, for those who entrust me with their health.  More recently, I dedicated my practice to helping people who have been victimized by our broken conventional medical system, which barely acknowledges or understands the chronic effects of Lyme disease (and other tick-borne infection)... and is neither capable nor willing to provide effective treatment.  

With the unique methods I utilize, I have enjoyed the rare privilege to consistently witness firsthand the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body.  My purpose is to provide anybody who desires a realistic chance at recovery, the same opportunity my family and lots of patients have had.   I invite you to join us… those of us, who have already overcome the chronic effects triggered by Lyme disease and other tick-borne microorganisms, naturally.  

I call my treatment approach the Bio-Energetic Individual Treatment Equation
© (BITE).  Until recently, this has never been revealed publicly anywhere on the planet or published in any book.  This astonishingly effective, easy-to-use, and truly secret strategy is different from anything ever you have ever experienced.  

Here’s what it's all about:

 For many years, my wife, Sheila suffered fatigue, mood swings, joint pain, heart palpitations, memory problems, and other symptoms.  We eventually discovered that her misery was triggered primarily by tick-borne infection.  However, like many, Sheila never saw a tick, nor did she develop the legendary bull’s eye rash.  Lyme disease had never been on our radar.  Antibiotic treatment was dismally worthless and it tore up Sheila’s guts.  Various nutritional, herbal, and other alternative medicine treatments were equally disastrous.  Sheila’s body had deteriorated into a complete mess.  

I grew very leery of conventional wisdom in health care.  Our long-broken mainstream medical system has not produced results to be proud of, or to trust when it comes to Lyme disease, and numerous chronic ailments.  My experience was to get current on whatever the conventional wisdom was on Lyme…and then seek advice that ran contrary to what everyone else was saying!  

Taking Sheila’s situation into my own hands was necessary.  I couldn’t just rely passively on the advice of other overwhelmed doctors to save my wife.  Nobody was as concerned with her welfare as I was.  The only thing that helped keep her in one piece was chiropractic care.

Finally, after many years of frustration, desperately seeking a solution for my wife’s ongoing suffering, I came upon the very breakthrough that those afflicted with the effects of Lyme disease have desperately needed.   

At first, I thought it was too good to be true.  

It seemed too easy… too simple… and too inexpensive.  

But the results were unmistakable.  

I witnessed Sheila’s transformation back into the healthy, vibrant, athletic, and energetic woman I met in college (1983).  Gradually, over the course of around a year, she propelled herself out of the abyss of chronic pain, fatigue, and other symptoms.  The methods by which she did so are explained in detail, throughout this website and my book, Biting Back.

Perhaps the most surprising thing was that Sheila’s recovery was not the result of medical diagnosis through blood tests, nor was it due to any flashy, high-tech-looking diagnostic machine.  No “miracle” herbs, detox cleanses, essential oils or nutritional programs were involved…
and it certainly was NOT due to antibiotics.   

Sheila did not take anything (pharmaceutical, herbal, or nutritional) to try to kill Lyme bacteria or any other microorganisms. Her body healed itself, naturally.  Sheila’s immune system did all the work.

Seeing Sheila’s revival right before my eyes, I felt compelled to pursue expertise in these magnificent methods, so I could help other victims of tick-triggered illness to get better too.  And that is precisely what I have been doing since around 2009, when I “re-invented myself” to focus on helping people afflicted by the devastating effects of Lyme disease.  Sheila regained her health, and came back to work as office manager, to help others who have lived the same nightmare she did.

This is a very personal and passionate mission.  When one discovers something important enough, the goal is to make sure everyone who needs it can get it.  I’m doing this to help the desperate people who have been cast aside by doctors… and told their problems were “in their head”… or that “There’s no such thing as chronic Lyme disease”…or that long-term antibiotics are your “only hope”… people who’ve been given dozens of different diagnoses and all kinds of drugs… only to be worse than ever.  

I respectfully acknowledge that there are victims of Lyme disease (and other infection) who say the only time they feel human is while taking antibiotics. Therefore, I understand why they would be outraged over the politics and controversy surrounding long-term medication.  Nevertheless…

I offer a completely different approach.  

I am determined to become the fighting force for chronic Lyme disease sufferers across the country, and confront the mysteries… while avoiding the wedge issues of antibiotics, politics, blood tests, and high-risk medical practices.  Serving those who have been ravaged by the chronic effects of tick-triggered illness has become my passion and my life’s work.  I’m not exaggerating or being overly dramatic, or cliché, when I say you’re going to learn about a life-changing health secret that will blow your mind.  

My Bio-Energetic Individual Therapy Equation© (BITE) works by supporting your own your immune system—to overcome chronic infection and its effects itself, naturally.  

What’s even more exciting is that because it is a natural and holistic, wellness-based system, there isn’t a shred of Lyme disease controversy (as is the case with conventional medicine and Lyme disease), nor is there a political or financial agenda to lose sleep over.   

This is a huge development!  

The BITE is a unique holistic wellness approach, comprised of a combination of various natural healthcare methods. Evaluation and treatments are extremely safe, drug-free, easy, and affordable. I have had the extraordinary privilege to consistently witness this approach succeeding with patients from around the country.  

NOTE:  The Bio-Energetic Individual Therapy Equation© (BITE) is NOT
an herbal, nutritional, or pharmaceutical approach, nor does it involve frequency zappers, or other supposed Lyme cures you may have read about on the Internet. It is unlike any other approach, and it certainly bears no resemblance to the methods of so-called Lyme literate medical doctors. It is also NOT a self-help approach, nor is a one-size-fits-all protocol.  Every patient’s treatment is different.

Am I opposed to the long-term antibiotic-based approach to Lyme disease?  

You bet I am!  

But please…do not misconstrue my comments (and the scientific facts) regarding antibiotics as bashing other practitioners or their methods. In fact, I applaud any practitioner or method that delivers results. For those fortunate ones, who merely take doxycycline… and have a strong enough immune system to finish the job, and get well… I am thrilled. My commentary is for the massive population, who suffer pain and illness within the conventional medical system, which has left them ravaged with complex problems—that will not, and cannot be cured with a pill.

I must also clarify how I define successful treatment.

By my standard, successful results are when sufferers of chronic pain and illness experience progressive and lasting relief, and become healthier… without drugs masking their symptoms or suppressing immune function.  Improved physiology, tissue repair, and immune system strength is the ultimate achievement.  

I am not a fan of ongoing and indefinite suppression of symptoms with drugs.  It is scientific fact that such practices impair immune function, which defeats the entire purpose!  Unless a person has a medical emergency, we must avoid suppressing healthy and normal function.  The result cannot be better health... if the body’s function is blocked.  

Restoring normal function (physiology) is the task at hand.  For over 25 years, I have had the privilege to see it happen.  My patients and I have had the opportunity to experience what the human body is capable of doing without drugs. Thus, I never underestimate its healing power!  The methods I use are designed to support your body to do what the drug companies likely hope never happens—that is, heal itself from chronic problems triggered by tick-borne infection, naturally.   

A better question is why wouldn’t I be opposed to aggressive long-term antibiotics?  My wife got better without them, and I’ve seen my own patients consistently reproduce the results over the past seven years.  Yes, I know there are people for whom antibiotics produced fine results.  It is wonderful when restoring health is as simple as taking medicine.  That’s not what this is about.  If you have already tried the antibiotic approach, you understand what I mean.  

The Dangers of Antibiotic Resistance

While I certainly have my doubts about some of the statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), I have no doubt they are correct regarding this: Repeated antibiotic usage is the primary cause of the increase in drug-resistant bacteria.  

The global threat of antibiotic resistance is considered by scientists as one of humanity’s gravest health concerns.  A single round of antibiotics can disturb the body’s internal healthy microbial balance for as much a year.  Can you imagine what taking them for months or years can do?  

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) considers long-term antibiotics both dangerous and ineffective.  Yet physicians referred to as Lyme literate medical doctors (LLMD) risk both their licenses and patients health by prescribing them anyway.  Sure, I acknowledge that these doctors and their patients believe in their hearts that such a radical and risky treatment approach is the only hope.  

It definitely is NOT!

Doxycycline is not a drug to be taken lightly.  Nor are other frequently prescribed antibiotics such as azithromycin (“Z-pack”), clarithromycin, and erythromycin.  These are widely used to treat a broad range of common bacterial infections.  A recent study revealed that these antibiotics are associated with a significantly increased risk of death due to heart dysfunction.  

(Source: The Role of Macrolide Antibiotics in Increasing Cardiovascular Risk - Cheng, Yun-Jiu; et al. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 66.20 (Nov 17, 2015): 2173-2184.)

There is no disputing that antibiotics can be lifesaving.  They are one of the greatest developments in the history of medicine.  But we’re not talking about that here; long-term antibiotic usage is the issue.  

Antibiotics were never meant to be taken for years!  

The excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics over many decades has done as much harm as good.  This serious damage will inevitably continue, as bacteria grow increasingly immune to the effects of antibiotics.  According to the CDC, each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die each year as a direct result of these infections!  

Who are the Real Health Authorities?

Everybody complains about the ruthless and rich pharmaceutical companies, and our health care system.  We have more chronic illness than ever before.  Yet the public still reveres the drug-based medical establishment as the authorities.  The public is afraid to fully accept the valuable contributions of doctors who practice safe and natural methods.  There is still is a perception that we are a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists, tree huggers, pseudo-scientists, hippies, and crystal-wavers.  


Many natural health methods are scientific, safe, and highly effective.  Since conventional medicine clearly cannot get their act together to handle the chronic effects of Lyme disease, I say let’s leave it to HEALTH experts—not disease experts.  Mainstream medical doctors frequently trash and bash natural and holistic methods, causing the public to be highly skeptical, with a million questions about how they work, and their safety.  

But what about mainstream medicine?  Where is the scrutiny?  Where’s the skepticism?   

Medical error has consistently ranked high among the leading causes of death in America.  Various sources say maybe 10-20 percent of accepted conventional medical practices can legitimately claim they’ve been really proven.  In fact, it is not even known how about half of the FDA-approved prescription medications on the market actually work!  

How many doctors can explain the biochemistry of the antibiotic, doxycycline?  We know drugs rarely address the causes of the problems for which they are designed to treat. Cancer is still on the rise. Heart disease is still on the rise. The same is true for diabetes.  And I believe Lyme has always been a problem… it just was not recognized.

The End of an Era in Medicine

According to top scientists such as Martin Blaser, MD, author of “Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues,” the era of antibiotics is over!  In his book, he provides an overwhelming amount of evidence of the damages of antibiotic usage, far beyond the dangers of resistant infection.

Nevertheless, antibiotics are still among the most frequently prescribed drugs.  There is NO shortage of doctors giving them to people for every cough, sniffle, ache, or pain.  

Have you ever been prescribed antibiotics for symptoms likely caused by viruses, “just in case?”  

Violating the Law of Cause & Effect

Many acute bacterial infections do indeed respond beautifully to appropriately-prescribed antibiotic therapy.  However, many chronic symptoms can exist and persist long after the infection is gone.  Scientists have concluded that infection is the trigger of many chronic conditions.

Autoimmune disorders are the perfect example.  Examples of autoimmune disorders are multiple sclerosis, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Sjogren’s syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.  With these conditions, the person’s own immune system attacks its own body tissues, as if it were an allergen or germ.  

Scientists worldwide agree that although genetics play a role in autoimmune disorders, they are likely triggered by infection Medical conditions initially triggered by bacterial infection are not the same thing as acute illnesses caused by active infection.  It is neither logical nor effective to tackle both types of problems the same way.  

Doctors are still using old-fashioned techniques that once worked, generations ago There’s no turning back.  Nothing will change their minds… they won’t give in.  Mainstream medicine often takes the same treatment approach for chronic illness as for acute conditions.  

It does not work.  This is one of the top reasons so many people are suffering so much chronic pain and illness.   Doctors must take off their blinders, and realize that the world has changed.  It is tougher to stay healthy than any time in human history.  The symptoms you're struggling to eradicate have grown increasingly immune to the established conventional medical approach.  In today's over-medicated, excessively-stressed, and toxic world, the same old techniques for battling diseases (not just Lyme) may occasionally work, but not nearly as well as they did decades ago.  

I respect antibiotic-focused doctors’ willingness to acknowledge the significance of Lyme disease.  I give them the benefit of the doubt that their intentions are good.  I am sincerely happy for those fortunate people, who have responded to antibiotics, and have stayed well.  However, my practice does not exist for those people, but rather the suffering souls for whom both conventional and long-term antibiotic treatment has failed.  

In my opinion, doctors’ willingness to over-medicate a patient because of symptoms associated with Lyme disease is not virtuous.  Nor is it heroic.  I am shocked by what new patients report to me regarding long-term antibiotic treatment other doctors have administered.  The dosages, frequency, duration, and obscene costs of treatment are mind-blowing.  The belief is that because blood tests are unreliable—there must still be bacterial infection when symptoms persist. 

If antibiotics were the cure for the chronic effects of Lyme disease, this article, my book, and my practice would not be necessary.  

Treating people for the chronic effects of infection is not the same thing as treating the infection itself.  A hurricane can damage a city, then quickly blow out to sea and fizzle out… leaving damage and destruction, which can trigger countless other problems in its aftermath.  The cause is gone, but the effects can progress, multiply, and linger.  The same can result in the human body from infection.

The Bigger Picture: Immune Deficiency and Opportunistic Infection

People have different strengths and weaknesses, and talents and abilities.  Some people are born with a weak immune system.  Others are born rock-solid.  A strong person can become weak… and a weak person can become strong.  Germs can inflict serious damage when they take advantage of a weakened immune system.  Such infection is called opportunistic.  The germs seize the opportunity of your weakness to inflict damage.  

Immune deficiency (also called immunodeficiency) is the term used to describe the unhealthy state of the body, where your body’s defense system is compromised, and has reduced its effectiveness in fighting infection.  When your immune system is compromised, it is easier to succumb to the effects of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other parasites.  

Immune deficiency is commonly acquired.  There are many known causes.  Anything that weakens your immune system can trigger the development of an immunodeficiency disorder.   Immune system compromise can result in countless medical conditions, depending upon the individual’s circumstances.  I think there is no disputing that this is exactly what is happening to people with tick-borne infection.  This is why I coined the term, tick-triggered illness.  I use this instead of Lyme disease, chronic Lyme disease, post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, and any of the other controversial terminology.  

People whose immune systems are compromised commonly suffer infections that don’t respond to conventional treatment.  Such infections tend to come back over and over.  This is precisely what can happen to people who have human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), associated with AIDS.  According to aids.gov, opportunistic infections can occur all over the body.  They are the leading causes of death associated with AIDS, not the HIV itself!  

Opportunistic infections may affect only one part of the body, one body system, or spread to other parts of the body and other body systems.  Some examples of opportunistic infections associated with HIV include: Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Toxoplasmosis, Candida yeast infection, Cryptococcosis, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes, Pneumonia, Salmonella, Mycobacterium avium.  

These opportunistic microbes are among an exhaustive list of infectious agents that can also be associated with immune deficiency initiated by tick-borne infection.  This is precisely why the most important step you can take in your successful journey to better health is accepting and understanding that your problem is NOT only Lyme disease!

These microbes and many others are scientifically validated agents of disease, which are associated with dozens of chronic medical conditions, including most mental illnesses!  Such findings can be seen plastered throughout medical journals, both recent and past.  

Tick-borne infection may have indeed triggered your decline; however, it is unlikely the sole reason for all of the misery inflicted upon you.  Most importantly, if your immune system doesn’t make a comeback, you will not really be better.    

  Genetics and infection are not the only causes of dysfunctional immunity.  Many commonly prescribed medications have been linked to immunodeficiency.  Drugs for pain, rheumatoid arthritis, cholesterol, acid reflux, and seizures are a few examples.     

Guess what else can contribute mightily to further damaging your immune system?  

If you guessed, antibiotics… you are correct!  

Antibiotics do not make your body stronger—they weaken your immune system.  This is not Dr. Donald Liebell’s opinion; it is long-established and undisputed scientific fact.  This is of grave concern when considering administration of antibiotics at dosages and frequency far beyond medically valid standards of safety and effectiveness.

Here’s perhaps the most critical issue…

Antibiotics cannot and do not kill viruses.  Did you know that ticks and numerous other bugs transmit viruses?  This is the “elephant in the room” that appears to be virtually ignored. 

Viral infection may be the most significant health challenge of the century. 

Arbovirus (bug-transmitted virus) infections are considered worse than Lyme disease.  Ticks transmit the extremely nasty Powassan virus.  Colorado tick fever is also from a virus.  Mosquitoes are well known to spread viruses such as West Nile, Zika, dengue, and chikungunya.  However, the only medical advice offered is avoiding bug bites with protective clothing and chemical repellents, and to take measures to support one’s immune system.  There is no conventional pharmaceutical medication available.  I take arboviruses very seriously!  

Antibiotics do not eradicate fungal infections.  Fungi include mushrooms, yeast, molds, and mildew.  There are numerous toxic and disease-causing effects from fungal toxins, which come from many sources.  It is well-established medically that antibiotics often make fungal problems worse!  Indefinite antibiotic usage will repeatedly kill the beneficial bacteria in your gut, and make it even harder for your body to handle the very germs it needs to eradicate!  Probiotic supplement consumption will not be sufficient to compensate for the damage.  The dangers of fungal toxins are poorly publicized, medically, and generally cannot be handled with drugs.  Anti-fungal medicines exist, however they are considered much more toxic to the human body than antibiotics.  Anti-fungal drugs can harm human cells.

Antibiotics cannot kill many types of parasites.  Nor can you simply flush out the huge number of species of parasitic microorganisms (protozoa) and worm-like forms with a “parasite cleanse!”          

People with weak immune systems are prone to infection from the protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma According to the CDC.gov, Toxoplasmosis is a leading cause of death attributed to food-borne illness in the United States. The CDC reports more than 60 Americans carry the parasite, but very few have symptoms because the immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness.  They say point blank that it is a highly-neglected infection, and that anyone with a compromised immune system should be aware that toxoplasmosis can have severe consequences.   It has been associated with mental illness, including schizophrenia.  Antibiotics may be considered for toxoplasmosis, but success is unlikely, particularly when the brain is affected.  One’s immune system must get the job done. 

Lyme disease (Borrelia infection), as well as the
legendary co-infections (Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Bartonella)
are incorrectly blamed for many symptoms folks are suffering.

It has long been established in medicine that a huge amount of chronic pain and illness is triggered by viral, fungal, and other NON-bacterial parasitic infection.  One does not need a medical degree to question the logic of the antibiotic-centered approach to achieving better health.

If you’ve got a well-functioning immune system, you can be exposed to many microbes without having any trouble at all.  You are a unique human being, who like millions of others, are exposed to bacteria, viruses, chemicals, physical injuries, emotional stress (of all kinds).  Some people are stronger at fighting off these agents of pain and illness.  There are people who do not get sick, even when exposed to people suffering colds and flu.  There are those unaffected by mold and mildew, food-borne parasites, and other nasty microbes.  Each person has different abilities to fight off illness.  

This is why some people can be bitten by infectious ticks and NOT develop Lyme disease.  By the same principle, those who are affected can get better, if immune strength is acquired with the right supportive treatment.  

Lyme disease is not your identity.  Being fixated on Lyme is a tragic mistake.  So, if you’ve neither had a positive blood test, nor a bull’s eye rash following a tick bite… it doesn’t matter.  My treatment is based upon the needs of the individual person, regardless of conventional medical diagnosis. 

The Bio-Energetic Model of Disease

The bulk of conventional medicine is based upon the sciences of chemistry and mechanical engineering.  The treatment philosophy is that our bodies are machines—controlled by our brains, with various parts that may need mechanical (surgical) repair, or chemicals (medication) to manage symptoms.  But drugs and surgery do not reverse or prevent the degenerative process.  Rarely does this approach address the reasons why the chemical imbalances have come to exist.   This chemical and mechanical engineering mindset does not consider the fact that energy is what animates and vitalizes living systems.  

Bio-energetic medicine (or simply, energy medicine) is the blossoming science that focuses on the effects of electric fields both inside and outside the human body.  Detecting and correcting disrupted energy systems in the body is what it’s all about.  Energy medicine has been accepted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a United States government agency.  The term, bio-energetic means living energy.

Diseases alter the electromagnetic properties of molecules, cells, tissues, and organs.  Our bodies possess an electromagnetic control network, in addition to the physical organ systems well-known to mainstream medicine.  Practitioners of ancient methods such as acupuncture recognize this.  Modern electrical and laser therapeutics, homeopathic medicine, and other bio-energetic approaches have been expanding, globally.  

At the heart of the Bio-energetic Individual Treatment Equation© are proprietary bio-energetic support supplements.   

Imagine a health and wellness technology that cannot harm you… that introduces no physical or chemical force or agent into your body… that provides the gentlest support for your ailing body to regain its focus… so your body can heal itself…  

Quit imagining… it’s here.  

I am proud to be among the pioneers of its usage.  It is part of my comprehensive natural wellness protocols.  I have had the privilege to see patients make remarkable health recoveries.  Each patient is evaluated and provided with a customized regimen of bio-energetic support supplements, which are modern technological creations.   

Unlike pharmaceutical medicine, they have no side effects or drug interactions, nor are they addictive.  They work in harmony with your immune system, rather than chemically suppressing it to treat symptoms.  Most people I encounter are so sick, so toxic, that everything they put into their bodies (including nutritional supplements) causes them greater stress!  It’s like taking a loaded garbage can, and adding more things to it.  With this bio-energetic approach, chemicals are not a factor. 

Safety First

Critics of alternative medicine incessantly bellow that people are swayed to use unproven methods that delay necessary medical care.  That does not hold water here; my typical patient has already given conventional medicine more than its fair chance.   Many also gave radical usage of conventional medicine a fair chance with long-term antibiotic therapy.

My methods enable me to help people without participating in any controversy whatsoever.  It does NOT matter whether or not you’ve officially been diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I am aware that there are various doctors who say their treatments cure Lyme disease.  I do not make such a claim.  I do not make any medical claims, promises, or guarantees.  I do not treat infectious disease.  Nor do I profess to be providing a cure for Lyme disease, or any other illness. 

What I DO say is that the human body is capable of fighting off infection, as well as healing itself from countless medical conditions… and my patients are certain of their better health. Therefore, I am fully disclosing to you that I cannot prove exactly how my patients consistently achieve their fabulous results beyond that.  I’m only interested in helping sick people get well.  No scientific organizations have yet offered me a research grant (natural healing has no corporate financial value), and I have yet to be approached by any wealthy philanthropists or celebrities to fund studies (although it would be nice).  

I offer no apologies for this, and my patients certainly do not care one bit.  

They only care that they got their health restored…and they didn’t have to risk toxic side effects or death!  

I provide safe and natural, wellness-based holistic health care, including 100% non-toxic, FDA-cleared and regulated supports.  My patients have been thrilled to testify to its effects, regardless of a confirmed Lyme (or other) diagnosis.  That’s the beauty of authentic holistic wellness care, and scientific energy medicine.  

The results my patients have achieved are strictly the result of their own bodies’ self-healing internal mechanisms.  Their clinical results indicate that my unique safe, holistic, non-addictive, drug-free, and affordable wellness treatment methods support cellular detoxification, immune system strengthening, and tissue regeneration… with laser-like specificity.  

What to Do Right Now

In life, if you want to arrive at a terrific destination, you must first have one. It all starts with a clear vision of what you want—something that really excites you.  If your destination is an office with a physician eager and willing to prescribe you the latest drugs that will give you the temporary illusion that you are well, the Bio-energetic Individual Treatment Equation© is definitely not for you.  If your destination is the office of a doctor who intends to cycle you on and off of antibiotics… you are barking up the wrong tree.  

The truth is that I will unlikely have the opportunity to help the majority of people who need it the most.  

Why not?  

Because perhaps the majority of people will assume this is too good to be true (at first, my wife and I did too).  Those who have spent obscene fortunes chasing Lyme disease without results may be too set in their ways.  They believe the conventional Western medical approach to treating disease is always correct. Others have latched on to the complicated herbal, dietary, and detoxification model, which despite their lack of success, continues to be an obsession.  

For many, the unavoidable task is to first unlearn things they have to believe as Lyme disease treatment gospel.  

Our beliefs can move us forward or hold us back.  If you believe you cannot be helped, even a little, you will never move forward.  I have seen too many people NOT... and wilt away.  But the vast majority of those who have tried have blossomed back like a flower that only needed water! I urge you to find out for yourself if you have a chance to blossom once again too.

My goal is to have it known throughout the Lyme disease community—today, in six months, in five years, in 10 years, and perhaps even in 30 years—that those applying the BITE (Bio-energetic Individual Treatment Equation©) consistently rank among the most extraordinary health recovery success stories in the world. 

Should you pursue it, I want to have you be recognized as someone who was intelligent enough to have realized conventional medicine’s failure to fulfil its promise.  You would also be recognized as somebody who had the smarts and the open mind to explore other approaches.  Even if they were equally unsuccessful… you still didn’t give up. 

I want to see you recognized for inspiring well-founded confidence in a natural wellness-based system because you know what it did to help you finally get well.  I will look forward to you sharing the privilege I have had—experiencing firsthand the mind-blowing power of the human immune system, with the support of the BITE.

Comparative Costs and Safety

In my opinion, the controversies of Lyme disease are ultimately money matters.  Those who fight for Lyme disease awareness put great energy into trying to get long-term antibiotic treatment endorsed and accepted by mainstream medicine.  


Antibiotics are conventional medical drugs, which are typically covered by most medical insurance!  I view the outcry for allowing more antibiotics as pleading for costs to be covered—not a strong advocacy for them as a treatment.  It seems logical because insurance companies routinely pay for antibiotics.   It cannot be repeated enough that antibiotics are not the answer to chronic pain and illness.  

Money does matter.  How you spend it is your right.  I do believe that health should be everybody’s highest priority.  Anything that restores, improves, or maintains ones’ health is a great investment.  Some folks maintain the attitude that if health insurance does not cover the costs of something, it must not be worth doing. 

I couldn’t think of anything more peculiar than trusting insurance companies to make my health choices. 

Medical insurance rarely pays for true prevention and wellness.  It pays primarily for illness and injury treatment.  It does not cover the costs of nutritious food, exercise equipment, gym memberships, pure water, and a great many health-promoting practices.  Financially, the public is punished for pursuing wellness-based healthcare!

Regarding the evaluation and management of Lyme disease, conventional medical tests and at least some extent of antibiotic treatment are covered by health insurance.  Insurance pays for doctor visits, blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, neurological tests, and medications with fees ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

The question is would people seek out those tests and treatment as their first choice if they had to pay for it?  If we take insurance coverage out of the equation, conventional medicine is not affordable to most people.  The majority of my new patients have been people who do not have money to waste—because they’ve wasted way too much already—with abysmal results. 

I am quite sure that nobody would hesitate for a second to try the BITE if it were free (I wish it could be).  On the other hand, I am certain that most people would likely have serious concerns over taking antibiotics long-term, even it did not cost a penny.

The Success Formula

I've treated countless patients will various problems since 1993, in my holistic health practice, and have observed some fascinating things.  Invariably, those who rise to the top in both extent of improvement and ease of doing so are those who possess knowledge of the treatment methods being used, and superior dedication to succeed.  

Both are absolutely necessary.  

If you are interested, I stand ready to provide you the knowledge, skills, and technology.  But the dedication can come only from you.  Are you motivated enough to invest, say, just a small fraction of what legions of victims of tick-triggered illness have been willing to invest in their health?

Here's what I mean... Counting all costs, the average patient has forked over $10,000-$80,000 (out-of-pocket) to other doctors, but report being no healthier than before…often worse!  Yet every year, so many suffering souls stricken with the effects of tick-triggered illness seek out these doctors who claim expertise in health, yet appear, to my understanding to be willing to put people on antibiotics and other powerful drugs indefinitely.  There is a Southwestern clinic that I’m told charges $30,000-$60,000 for 12-week rotating antibiotic protocols, which require treatment 5 days/week.  I consulted with a Florida man, who prior to seeing me, spent one million dollars on failed treatment.

My natural and holistic treatment is both affordable and effective.  The only real obstacle I have found for my patients has not been the costs of my care, but rather the burden suffered by the ghastly amounts of money already frittered away on previous unsuccessful care.  

Before learning about the BITE, many of them watched a popular Lyme disease awareness documentary (and its sequel), and were convinced they needed long-term antibiotics, at all costs.  Fortunately, the costs for BITE wellness treatment are nowhere near $80,000.  It is a laughable miniscule fraction of that.  I am extremely proud to provide effective and affordable care to nearly everybody who has wanted it.  I have patients who live everywhere ranging from trailers to mansions.  My treatment also comes with a benefit that the antibiotic doctors could never dream of offering:

The utmost of safety!   

You can wait for our government to fund research for holistic and natural healing methods.  Perhaps someday, authentic prevention and wellness-based healthcare will be covered by insurance.  There is no shortage of people bitterly complaining about insurance coverage.  Sadly, many still believe that the solution is having medical insurance pay for long-term antibiotics, despite overwhelming scientific evidence against it.  

 I’m pretty sure it really comes down to dollars and cents.  

The question you have to ask yourself is do you have as much motivation to get well as those who have been willing to pay such preposterous amounts of money for antibiotic-based treatment?   

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but holistic wellness care is not covered by insurance.  You must be willing to make an investment in yourself that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.  I make no apologies for any costs of my approach because compared to all others, the Bio-energetic Individual Treatment Equation© is a very inexpensive program.  When one discovers something important enough, the goal is to make sure everyone who needs it can get it—not just the rich, entitled, or health-insured.  

Nobody has had to take out a second mortgage on his or her home to get well at the Liebell Clinic.  Since 1993, I have a large and dedicated family of patients in my practice.  However, I proudly report that it is a small family business.  I have no need or desire for a huge staff (with a payroll to go along with it).  It’s just my wife/office manager Sheila, our wonderful assistant Barbara, and me.  My malpractice insurance costs a miniscule amount compared to antibiotic doctors because of the unparalleled safety of my methods.  I do not require a legal fund to fight medical boards or patients suing for wrongful death, or abuse of prescription drugs.

The Liebell Clinic is a place that people are coming to, from around the country to get betterIt is not one of those multi-million dollar imperial palaces, decked out with water fountains, granite counter tops, original artwork, and other unnecessary bells and whistles to influence you how good the doctor must be. 

None of those things help you get better. 

I lay out my own money for the production of many of the bio-energetic supplements my patients use.  I do not make deals with, nor do I get kickbacks from drug companies. There are no pharmaceutical salespeople offering me free lunches and vacations to use their products.   

The Bio-energetic Individual Treatment Equation© is unique.  It is available to highly-motivated people, who are truly committed to getting well.  I invite you to join our elite circle of patients and friends. I also have a few requests for you to consider:

You must put any preconceived ideas you may have about the 
treatment of Lyme disease aside.  

 Other doctors, as well as nutritionists, herbalists, energy practitioners, etc. may have convinced you that it is necessary to do a great diversity of other things, including gluten-free diets, liver cleanses, glutathione supplements, adrenal gland supplements, chelation therapy, infrared saunas, dental filing removal, chlorella, and many others. 

Internet chat threads are loaded with Lyme sufferers exchanging advice on all kinds of things they are convinced you must do.  If you are to succeed with the BITE, it is critical to clear your mind of what you’ve been taught in the past.  The people who get the best and fastest results are the ones who resist the temptation to do MORE things. 

I promise you I am not being boastful or arrogant when I tell you the people who keep it simple—and follow the extremely easy and safe treatment (without causing more stress on their bodies with other things)… get the best results.

You must be willing to give up Lyme disease as your identity! 

Your problem is NOT Lyme disease, but rather a compromised immune system, which has been unable to naturally manage all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi, larger parasites, chemicals, and other stresses

Obsessing over Lyme has been the downfall of many a poor soul.  What a mess.  Don’t let this happen to you.  If it has already, you must snap out of it—for your own good.  

It is the road to ruin.  

It is unrealistic and illogical to treat each individual microbe through bombing them with drugs.  Scientific evidence does not support that approach.  Your body will not get stronger from it (quite the opposite).  By applying the Bio-energetic Individual Treatment Equation© we do NOT treat Lyme disease.  We help PEOPLE whose immune systems are too weak to overcome a vast array of harmful microorganisms and other factors.  Every symptom you suffer is NOT from Lyme disease (you may not even have any medical proof of Lyme anyway—and that doesn’t matter either).

You must understand and accept that getting well is an extremely complex and gradual process that cannot be rushed.  One cannot force a natural healing process to take place faster.  It takes nine months to make a baby, from conception to birth.  If you think that recovery from the chronic effects and damage triggered by tick-borne infection (and a great many other causes) should be any faster—you are kidding yourself.  

My patients can assure you that running the road to recovery is like a marathon… not a sprint.  But oh, what a worthwhile journey the marathon is!

This natural health system is the result of many decades of research and development.  I invite you to seize the moment, and give yourself the opportunity to be the next great success story, and stand apart from those who accept a life of misery, hooked on drugs, learning to cope with the pain, taking the word of so-called authorities—the naysayers, who put down anything naturally curative that isn’t patented and profitable.  

If you are ready right now to have the opportunity to be among those who have gotten their lives back—after suffering years of illness triggered by (or centered on) Lyme disease, just call my office.  (757) 631-9799.  

Most patients see me every 2 months, which has enabled me to help people from coast-to- coast.  You can speak directly with Sheila too, if you have questions.
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