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“Various allergies, including those to environmental allergens, additives, and food may be adequately addressed through the auricular (ear) acupuncture microsystem..." 
Nader Soliman, M.D.
Medical Acupuncturist, 

  President, American Academy of 
Medical Acupunture (2003-2005)
President, Alternative Medicine Seminars 
Developer of Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)
- Presented at the 2013 American

Academy of Medical Acupuncture

25th Annual Symposium 

Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O., B.A.
Licensed by the 
Virginia Board
of Medicine Since 1993

The Astonishing Acupuncture Treatment

Every Allergy Sufferer Must Know About

By Dr. Donald Liebell

    Many patients who have suffered the chronic effects of tick-triggered illness, developed allergies that did not exist prior to infection.  We have observed many to improve via bio-energetic homeopathic support.  Others still need further support.  Fortunately, an astonishing treatment technique is available, thanks to the pioneering work of Paul Nogier, M.D. and Nader Soliman, M.D.  Acupuncture performed in a very specific manner on the outer ear is capable of helping people overcome many allergies.  

   I have performed many fascinating and effective treatment methods throughout my 24-year career... but none have impressed me as much as Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT).  My patients and I have been thrilled that I learned it directly from Dr. Soliman several years ago.

   No matter how bad your particular allergy is… no matter how long you’ve had it…

   No matter how many different treatment approaches you’ve tried…

   In just 20 minutes your body could be on the road to naturally eliminating it—without drugs or allergy shots.

   Sounds impossible, right?  That’s how powerful SAAT is. 

   It’s something so outrageous; few doctors are willing to even investigate it, even though a study was published in a medical journal! 

   It is NOT taught in the regular curriculum in medical schools.  Doctors/acupuncturists must seek training in the techniques through private seminars.  I certainly have never never heard of any allergists doing it.  

   Surprisingly, very few acupuncturists even do it.    

   Fortunately for my patients, I have never cared what other doctors think.  Their respect and awe is not what I seek.  I do what I do to help people get better.  I have a passion for helping the supposedly untreatable.  

   I admit that I thrive on silencing skeptics… not out of ego, but rather because there’s no greater joy than seeing the lasting relief patients receive.  This is for the relatively few people, who are willing to think outside the box by trying an easy, fast, inexpensive, convenient, and safe treatment. 

   The reason I’m willing to make such a bold statement about allergies is simple: I have the procedures, knowledge, technology, and skills to back it up. 

   For some time, I have been sitting on the most exciting secret of natural treatment for allergy sufferers you could ever imagine.  Allergy sufferers have been able to naturally heal themselves from problems they’ve had for years, or even their whole lives. 

   The secret is so amazingly simple to have done that it only requires ONE extremely easy treatment for a particular allergy.  Yet it is so powerful, it will enable your body to naturally overcome an allergy immediately.  Plus, there's NO commitment or lengthy treatment protocol necessary at all 

   That’s right. 
All it takes to trigger your own immune system to stop over-reacting to an allergen (irritating substance) is about 20 minutes of your time.  Twenty minutes—that’s it. 

    You lie down for examination on my comfortable

acupuncture and exam table, receive just one or two

very tiny, specialized acupuncture needle (hair thin, and

shorter than an eyelash (picture by my thumb) that you

barely feel at all… and you are done. 

   You will have completed the most serious step you will ever take  as an allergy sufferer.  You simply avoid the substance (food, chemical, animal, etc.) you’re allergic to, as best you can for just 3 weeks (the tiny needle is taped in

placed to stay throughout that time).


   You should be—nearly every allergy sufferer who has had this treatment has succeeded.  Now it’s your turn.

Here’s the story: 

   Paul Nogier, M.D.  (1908-1996) was a highly-respected neurologist and professor at the medical school at Lyon, France.  But his real fame came from his discovery and development of a system of treating the entire body through acupuncture done exclusively on the outer EAR.  It’s called Auricular Therapy.  It was introduced in 1956, and became endorsed as a valid medical treatment for dozens of ailments by the World Health Organization.

   Dr. Nogier felt his ear acupuncture method showed some promise for helping patients suffering from allergies.  The EAR is an area of the body that NOBODY in the history of civilization had ever considered for helping allergies!  Nogier’s work laid the foundation for the research of Dr. Nader Soliman, who refined it into an extraordinary method, which has indeed helped people overcome allergies naturally.

   I could go on forever talking about Auricular Therapy.  A growing number of satisfied patients owe their allergy-free existence to groundbreaking the efforts of Drs. Nogier and Soliman.  I was blown away when Dr. Soliman decided to share his auricular allergy acupuncture secrets with the conventionally-trained medical community.  He presented his research (over 10 years of unprecedented success on nearly 2,000 cases!) at the 2013 Symposium of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

But I was even MORE impressed when he personally

taught me the updated procedures… so I could immediately

reproduce the same results for my patients.

   Dr. Soliman said that learning this extraordinary procedure… would be easy for me.  Simple.   So simple, in fact… that I could take my existing skills, knowledge, and experience… make a few subtle refinements… buy some additional equipment… and immediately help patients eliminate allergies. 

   I’m proud to report that he was correct!

   In his presentation at the medical symposium, Dr. Soliman described all kinds of treatment successes… cases of life-long allergies—people who were hooked on medications and allergy shots… people who were told nothing could be done… all kinds of allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances.  This treatment technique can “reset” your immune systems to naturally overcome allergies…

…even if you have been allergic to a food (like eggs, nuts, and yes—even wheat gluten!)

…even if you can’t go near a cat or dog

…even if you have never had any relief your whole life!

 How can this possibly be true? 

   Allergies are an abnormal and exaggerated response of your immune system to a foreign substance—that is otherwise harmless.  A substance called immunoglobulin E (IgE) is overproduced, leading to allergic reactions.  The normal function of IgE is to fight off parasites. 

   People can be born with allergies, or develop them at ANY time in life.  Surprisingly, there is no direct correlation with one’s overall health.  In fact, very healthy people can have allergies, while very sick people do not.  Scientists have learned some of the complex mechanisms of allergies, but how and exactly why they happen is really not known.  There are hundreds of chemicals and pathways involved.

   What we do know is that the human immune system has always been equipped to handle allergens.  It also stands to reason that if the body can develop allergies… it can eliminate them too.  Plus, it is hardly a new concept that acupuncture could stimulate the immune system to help people with allergies. 

   Although there’s published research attesting to this; it simply is not taken seriously by mainstream medicine.  Western medicine looks at allergies from a chemical perspective.  Acupuncture views the body (not the allergy) from an energetic perspective. 

   When you think about it, isn’t it rather silly to call acupuncture “alternative” medicine? 
It has been helping millions of people for thousands of years—long before the first prescription drug or allergy shot was ever conceived.  Dr. Nogier was aware of this in the 1960s, and as I mentioned earlier Dr. Soliman perfected the work over the last ten years.  But the modern procedure has been (and will likely continue to be) overlooked by mainstream health care, and is not much more than a secret weapon for allergy sufferers privy to the few doctors in the world who’ve been willing to learn the method… doctors who are willing to be different!

    It is also blazingly obvious that, despite the fact that this allergy acupuncture treatment could be so simple and easy for patients to have done… it doesn’t fit the business of medicine—you know, the allergy treatment industry that preys upon the 50 million allergy sufferers… raking in as much as 10 billion dollars annually in treatment costs in North America alone! 

   How often do doctors investigate or try any drug-free treatmentsor offer something more substantial than merely advising you to avoid otherwise harmless foods and other substances your entire life?  Most allergy sufferers turn to over-the-counter and prescription drugs, and/or allergy shots.  Others just continue to suffer—believing the myth that nothing can be done to solve the problem. 

   The conventional medical establishment has egotistically and selfishly convinced the public they know everything there is to know about allergies…and that their drugs are the finest treatments possible. 

   Oddly, people think their allergy shots and/or medications “work”…  even if they’ve been hooked on them for 5, 10, 15 years.  Sure, they work for as long as they’re being taken… but if discontinued, the allergy symptoms can return with a vengeance. 

      It appears that allergy sufferers cannot conceive of lasting relief—mainly because it has never been offered to them.  I understand that Auricular Allergy Acupuncture sounds too simple and easy… and too good to be true.  The secret to resetting your immune system—to handle exposure to the allergens (irritating substances) that plague you is astonishingly simple and easy. 

   But it’s not something you will ever discover from the conventional, pharmaceutically-based medical community. 

   It’s not something you’ll discover by searching the Internet for allergists. 

   And it’s not something you’ll discover from the vast majority of holistic and natural physicians, or acupuncturists either!

   That’s why it’s called a secret.  Few people know about it, and even fewer know how to do it.  I am proud to have pursued the incredible research and techniques of Drs. Nogier and Soliman.  Dr. Soliman personally trained me in Auricular Allergy Acupuncture several years ago, and recently instructed me in some further refinements, which have produced stunning (and permanent) results in nearly two thousand cases… with ONE treatment!

   Now it’s your turn.

   Have the allergy medications (or shots) you take have not really corrected your immune system’s exaggerated response to whatever substances irritate you? 

   If they did, would you still need them?

  They are a crutch that if taken away… will cause you to fall.  Allergy medicines are designed to give you temporary relief of your symptoms—not to make you less allergic. 

   While the concept of allergy shots seems logical (injecting your body with a diluted version of the irritant—to train your immune system to stop over-reacting to the substance), many people take them for years, or indefinitely.

    However, clinical experience has revealed that your immune system can very likely be triggered, through Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)—such that it permanently corrects many allergic reactions. 

   Perhaps you have used various over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications.  I do not dispute that they can help your nasal congestion.  I understand that antihistamine drugs can bring needed relief.  And yes, I don’t doubt the relief that steroid-based drugs can also bring. 

  Have these medications haven’t exactly gotten rid of your allergies? 

  Look—even the top scientists and medical research institutions don’t completely understand the complex mechanisms of allergies.  Plus, there no money in cures!  If a drug was developed that permanently cured an allergy, do you think it would ever be put it on the market? 

   Research studies for allergy medicines are funded lavishly.  These drugs provide temporary symptomatic relief, thus by design, are intended for you to need permanently.  And as far as allergy shots go—you are told they will stimulate your immune system to get used to the allergen….

    But have they?

   Allergy shots are cleverly disguised as a preventative or corrective health approach.  It seems odd that a treatment that can cause severe adverse reactions (including anaphylactic shock) should be portrayed as such.  Ask yourself this question: if you’ve been taking allergy shots for years… and you quit… can you be exposed to the allergens (eat the food, breath the air, deal with the pollen) without allergy symptoms? 

   On the other hand, for over 20 years, utilizing various techniques, I have had the privilege to see what the human body is capable of without drugs.  Thus, I never underestimate its healing power!  The ear acupuncture procedure I’m performing has been resulting in something that drug companies wish would never happen— people are having the cause of their allergies naturally corrected, long-term! 

   It is very inexpensive, and its results so far, have been permanent.   

   I accept the reality that very few people will believe that this method could work. 
Most will ignore it, and continue to suffer their allergies, consuming a fortune in symptom-masking, side-effect-causing drugs for the rest of their lives. 

   I am not naïve. 

   I am aware that the mere mention of the term, acupuncture will alone cause most Americans to tune out right away…certainly when it comes to allergies.  Plus, (and I know this is sounds odd and confusing) I am NOT technically treating allergies… I’m treating the PERSON who suffers from them.   It’s a WELLNESS treatment, not an illness or disease treatment.  I am not injecting a chemical, nor am I giving you drugs. 

Common Symptoms You May Have Never Been Told Were Allergy-Related

   Anaphylactic shock is the most obvious and severe allergy symptom, which of course, requires emergency medical attention.  However, allergic reactions come in many forms, some of which people may not realize are due to allergies at all. 

   It is extremely unrealistic to avoid allergens.  They are everywhere, and in everything!  Symptoms of allergies can include:

  • Skin: itching, hives, rashes, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis
  • Swelling: face, lips, tongue, throat
  • Gastro-intestinal: pain, bloating, diarrhea, “irritable bowel syndrome,” vomiting
  • Lung and Sinus: nasal congestion, cough, wheezing, sinusitis, bronchitis
  • Neurological: headaches, tingling, dizziness, fainting
  • Emotional/Psychiatric: memory problems, behavioral and mood disturbances, depression, anxiety
  • Musculo-skeletal: joint stiffness and inflammation
  • Autoimmune conditions:  Lupus (SLE), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alopecia areata (patchy hair loss), Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, and vitiligo.  With an autoimmune condition, one’s body actually attacks its own tissues—it develops an allergy to itself.

   What Substances Can Cause Allergic Reactions?

    Allergies can be due to skin contact.  Plants such as poison ivy don’t cause an allergic rash in everybody, but some people are so sensitive to it that they can have an itchy rash develop just being near it—the electromagnetic frequency of the plant is enough to trigger the allergy

   Skin contact allergies can come from chemicals, cosmetics, dyes, latex, and other substances.  Allergies can be environmental.  Well known allergens include: pollens, grasses, weeds, trees, dust mites, mold, insect parts, and animal proteins. 

   Allergic reactions can come from injected substances, such as: vaccines, hormones, insect venom, drugs, and even allergy shots!

Millions of Americans suffer allergic reactions and other symptoms that are aggravated by otherwise nutritious foods.  Sometimes it is NOT the food itself, but rather something in the food. 

   Hold on to your hats… you’re not going to like this, but it’s true… some “food allergies” are actually due to insect parts or mold. 

   Many of the folks who are allergic to peanuts are really allergic to mold

   And if you seem to be allergic to chocolate… it may actually be a problem with proteins from cockroach parts!  Yuck. 

   The same applies for any tomato product, particularly ketchup.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows certain levels of such nasty things, because they are usually not harmful at all, plus it’s impossible to harvest any food crop without it. 

   Here’s another reason why the foods themselves are rarely the true cause. 
Perhaps you have heard the term leaky gut.  This refers to when spaces in the intestines abnormally expand—allowing proteins from foods (and other substances) to leak through, resulting in allergic reactions.  The immune system reacts to the food proteins as if they were parasites!  Plus waste products seep into the bloodstream, and fewer nutrients are absorbed. 

   Leaky gut is commonly caused by damage from true parasites—viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, worms, etc.  Drugs such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, and excessive alcohol can cause it too.

   I make sure to address these factors as needed.  Your immune system must be strengthened.  This is what I do for my patients.  I see no logic in permanently removing nutritious foods from people’s diets.  Nor do I support the excessive vitamin pill approach; its failure to correct the underlying causes makes it just another ongoing expense (just like drugs and shots) that doesn’t really have curative value. 

   Using auricular allergy acupuncture, combined with homeopathic bio-energetic support, we routinely see people’s immune systems correct the problems from the inside out.

   By writing about this topic, and suggesting a method that technically, isn’t really an allergy treatment at all… I am going out on a limb.  I’m risking public and professional ridicule.  If this treatment fails to deliver results, the reputation that I’ve built over 24 years could go by the wayside.  Do you think I would risk tarnishing my reputation with something that was anything but effective?   It is NOT professionally legal for me to promise or guarantee results; no doctor is allowed to do that.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if doctors, like other businesses, got paid based upon results?  I for one would love it… but we don’t. 

   The beauty of auricular allergy acupuncture is that it is very low-cost… for lasting results.  A
llergy-related treatment has been costing as much as 10 billion dollars per year in North America (and rising), with no end in sight.  Food allergies alone result in an estimated 30,000 visits to American emergency rooms each year.  Cost estimates for the first year of allergy shots alone for an uninsured patient range from $700-2,000.  Even with insurance (after deductible) costs can be $500-1,300.

   But that doesn’t mean YOU have to continue doing what everybody else does, right?

   Isn’t it about time you tried treating your BODY instead of the allergy? 

   With my various natural health care procedures, my patients and I have had the unique opportunity to see the awesome healing power of the human body… that quite frankly, most doctors rarely see—because they are using chemical treatments that mask symptoms. 

   True healing is when your body fixes your problems.  I am humbled by the ingenious research of both Dr. Nogier and Dr. Soliman, and am privileged to carry on their work.

With Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatment, I can address 1 or 2 substances that you’re allergic to per treatment.  Suppose you are allergic to cat hair and dander.  You would simply bring an actual sample of hair from the cat (sealed in a ziplock bag) for me to utilize.  I also have prepared samples of various substances.  We can address another substance on the same visit.  For example, you might have an allergy to cat hair, as well as to shellfish.   

   Keep in mind that ONE treatment is all that is needed for any particular allergy.  There is NO commitment. 
You keep one or two tiny ear acupuncture needles taped to your ear for 3 weeks, and you avoid the allergen, to the best of your ability throughout that time.  That’s it… after just 3 weeks; you should be able to gradually expose yourself to the allergen… without trouble!

   In many cases, people are allergic to entire groups or families of foods… and the treatment using ONE particular food will work for the whole group!   For example, you could be allergic to several types of nuts, but may only need one treatment to handle all at once.  Each person is different.

     Your Auricular Allergy Acupuncture evaluation and treatment includes everything you need:  

Auricular Medicine Bio-Energetic Testing: This is the procedure developed by Dr. Paul Nogier in France during the 1960s… refined by Dr. Nader Soliman… and taught to me several years ago.  You’ll lie down comfortably on my examination and treatment table… and I’ll figure out your specific treatment needs.   

Auricular Allergy Acupuncture: ONE tiny specialized ear acupuncture needle will be inserted.  It is then covered up by a small piece of adhesive tape—to hold it in place for 3 weeks.  It does NOT hurt.  Perhaps a little pinch, if that much (I’ve NEVER had a single complaint, and I do it for kids).  If you have another substance you’re allergic to, a second needle will be placed.

Homeopathic Bio-Energetic Support: If you are seeking help for airborne allergy, such as trees, pollen, dust, mold, etc., you may require a homeopathic type support product to complement the acupuncture.  The ear acupuncture and homeopathic support combine for a potent one-two punch.

     If you are an established patient of the Liebell Clinic, the fee for all of this is only $125.  If you request treatment for 2 allergens during the session, it is only $145.  If you are a new patient, a consultation and medical history evaluation is required ($75) before treatment.

    How could all of this cost so little, you ask?  Good question!  Well, perhaps it shouldn’t.  Considering the obscene amounts of money that is spent on allergy treatment, and how mediocre and temporary the results are… a treatment capable of correcting the problem should command a very stiff fee.  However, I would much rather help more PEOPLE overcome allergies, than charge a high fee.  So, I’ve set my fees for these services simply based on my time…not the current exorbitant costs of conventional allergy treatment… not based upon the value of my expertise, nor the time, money, and effort it has taken me to attain my knowledge and skills. 

   This way, I can help as many people as possible… in the shortest period of time… at the lowest cost that I can reasonably provide my care.  I want the opportunity to be “David” to the “Goliath” of chronic allergies—by compiling so many jaw-dropping case studies of natural allergy correction that the results will be “nothing to sneeze at!”  I plan on submitting them for publication in a medical journal.   

   I am licensed in acupuncture by the Virginia Board of Medicine.  This health science treats the body—not the illness.  The acupuncture procedure described in this article is not a direct treatment for allergies or their symptoms, by medical definition.  I am not claiming to “cure” allergies, nor is it within my scope of practice to administer drugs to reduce their symptoms.  No medicinal substances are injected or prescribed.  Auricular acupuncture is a whole-body, wellness based system of treatment that is intended as a support for natural healing.  I do not represent this method to discourage any other medical evaluation or treatment; it is for educational purposes.  An acute allergic attack should always be address by conventional medical means.      

 If you are ready for help, it will be my privilege and joy to jump start your immune system to naturally stop over-reacting to the allergens that have been your arch nemesis.

– Dr. Donald Liebell, D.C., B.C.A.O.


Click Below to Read a Summary of the

Medical Journal Paper:

Comparison Study of Soliman's Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT)

"We're not specifically treating allergies, but are helping PEOPLE who have allergies.  By stimulating the 'internal pharmacy'...

"Environmental controls are important whenever you have a situation that is made worse by exposure to certain substances. However, if you want to be able to withstand the assault of these substances, upon exposure, Medical Acupuncture can certainly help you by recalibrating your system so that so that you are comfortable and relatively symptom free.”

Dr. Marshal Sager, 

Founding Chair & Member of the American Board of Medical Acupuncture, Chair of the Education Chapter of the International Congress of Medical Acupuncture and Related Technologies, Past President of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

"I find it gratifying to treat seasonal allergies with acupuncture. There is often a quick response. Often patients get some relief during the first visit while lying on the exam table with their acupuncture needles in place"

- Patrick J. LaRiccia, MD 
- University of Pennsylvania

School of Medicine