The Astonishing, Modern

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How a Neurologist's Amazing Discovery May be the Key to

You Conquering Chronic Pain and Other Health Concerns... Without Drugs! 

    By Dr. Donald Liebell

    It is estimated that over half of Americans take prescription medicine for chronic pain. 

   This is a mind-boggling and disturbing statistic. 

   If you are seeking natural, drug-free treatment options for your health needs, you will be thrilled to learn about the fascinating and effective acupuncture system called Auricular Therapy.  It is a proven, sophisticated European-developed treatment approach, used worldwide to improve health and relieve pain throughout the body... exclusively through acupuncture performed on the skin of the outer EAR.  

   The medical term for the outer ear is the AURICLE, hence the name auricular therapy.  The auricular therapy ear acupuncture approach is considerably different from traditional Chinese body acupuncture.  With auricular therapy, we are not treating standard or fixed acupuncture points along the established meridians - the energy channels of traditional Chinese medicine. 

   Specific organs or tissues that are

affected are treated at acupuncture points

detected within their corresponding

zones (projection sites) on the ear.  

   For example, if you have a pain in the shoulder, the ear zones would be examined at treated directly.  Treatable ear acupuncture points are different for each individual, based upon their particular pain or illness, as well as its stage (acute, chronic, and/or degenerative).

   The science of auricular therapy has been well documented, internationally researched, and published in medical journals.  Sadly, most American doctors are unfamiliar with it—even though it has been practiced worldwide for decades, with tremendous success.  Auricular therapy has proven to bring pain relief and healing, in many cases, after all other medical interventions have failed. 

   For several years now, it has been successfully used by the United States Armed Forces.   

    In 1990, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) proclaimed that Auricular therapy is “probably the most developed and best documented, scientifically, of all the “micro-systems” of acupuncture and is the most practical and widely used.”  

   The WHO lists 150 conditions for which auricular therapy is appropriate! 
     Conventional “Western” medicine looks to the human ear as only an organ of hearing.  Your outer ear however, has complicated nerve connections through which constant communication takes place between your ear, brain and the body.  

   When there is a problem somewhere in your body, ear acupuncture points corresponding to the organs or tissue involved can be detected.  By treating these points by various means (described in detail on this website), a natural healing response can be energetically triggered or “jump started.”  
Auricular therapy is an acupuncture system that has been clinically observed to achieve some absolutely stunning results... often after conventional pain medication, other drugs, and even traditional body acupuncture have failed.  

    Many factors may disrupt the flow of energy, which can have far-reaching consequences to our health.  Energetic blockages are obstacles to the normal energy flow throughout the body.  “Eastern medicine” acknowledges that your health depends upon energetic balance and stability of the “body-mind-spirit” axis.   Modern research and technology is now scientifically verifying this principle that has been understood for thousands of years by many cultures.  Auricular therapy is at the forefront of the scientific energy medicine revolution.  It is extremely safe and easy to have done.    

   The outer ear has been documented to have been considered as an area of focus dating back to ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia.  One may come upon quite a few articles crediting auricular therapy's roots to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  This is only accurate from the standpoint that Chinese acupuncture, which is done all over the body, includes a few acupuncture points on the outer ear (auricular acupuncture points) that are part of the TCM meridian energy channel system.  The Chinese did NOT know that the outer ear could serve as an entire system of acupuncture for the entire body... an acupuncture "micro-system."   

   The auricular therapy system of comprehensive ear acupuncture was discovered and developed in France beginning in the 1950s by the award-winning, neurologist, Paul Nogier, M.D. (1908-1996).  

     Nogier's research revealed that the ear is energetically connected to the entire body: an acupuncture “micro-system.” This means that the outer ear is a tiny microcosm of living en ergy—a comprehensive acupuncture system representing the entire body.  

   Every structure of the human body could be mapped on the outer ear — the auricle.   He observed that the ear could be compared to an upside-down human fetus; the head represented by the lower ear lobe, the feet at the top of the ear, and the rest of the body in-between.  This model was first presented in France in 1957, then spread to Germany, and finally was translated into Chinese.  In 1958 the Chinese adopted this model, and acknowledged Dr. Paul Nogier as the “Father of Auricular Therapy.”  

   Nogier eventually discovered that this "inverted fetus" presentation of the body on the ear was merely one of three possible energy patterns that reflected problems in the body.  Therefore, every part of the body could project an acupuncture-treatable energy pattern in one, two, and/or three possible zones on the ear, depending upon the nature of the condition (acute, chronic, or degenerative).  The video in the righthand column shows examples of where some body structures project their energy to the ear.   

   With further exhausti ve research, Dr. Nogier developed auricular therapy into an even more sophisticated system, which he called auricular medicine.  Auricular therapy and auricular medicine are NOT the same thing.  Unfortunately, many Internet sources inaccurately refer to their ear acupuncture services as auricular medicine.  Authentic Nogier auricular medicine is a much more sophisticated system of bio-energetic testing, analysis, and treatment beyond its original ear acupuncture component.   For clarification, I refer to it as Auricular Bio-energetic Testing (ABT)

  Nogier's 3-phase ear acupuncture treatment of the outer ear in this system is a critical component.  The image to the right depicts the energetic projection sights of the "inverted fetus" model.  But there are also two other critical-to-know phases, reflected by the animation.

   Ear acupuncture at its highest level acknowledges that the body is an always-changing, highly dynamic system.  Auricular therapy differs significantly from traditional Chinese medicine body acupuncture in that there are no fixed acupuncture points on the ear; they change locations throughout the course of the patients condition... and they are not in the exact same place on each person.  An article detailing the history of Dr. Paul Nogier, and the development of both auricular therapy and medicine is available on this website.

Auricular therapy can be administered in several ways.  Various types of specialized acupuncture needles can be used, although it can also be done needle-free.  Needle-free methods include use of electrical or cold laser stimulation, specialized acupressure pellets made from gold, silver, steel or herbal seeds, as well as magnets, and manual pressure.  The choice of which materials to use is case dependent.  I have utilized all of these forms in my practice, with much appreciation from patients.   

The most critical usage of Auricular Therapy is clearing of energetic blockages.  An article is dedicated specifically to this topic: Click HERE


Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O., B.A.
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Virginia Board
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 “I was nervous about the Auricular therapy… however I immediately felt a "whoosh" and temporary dizziness.  I felt immediately better; my sinuses opened and I felt energized.  The following week my energy level went thru the roof.  I am strong and do not need pain medication anymore. The [bio-energetic] formulations were easy to use…  Within a few weeks I began to feel my legs and could walk and stand longer and my digestive tract became normal.  I have become more mobile and have dropped 70 pounds.  I am a year out and last Sunday I walked, yes walked at Busch Gardens from noon until 10pm without difficulty.  My friends wore out faster than me. Woo-Hoo!   I feel I am living life again!   Praise God for Dr. Liebell.                   

  –Regina C., PhD., Virginia Beach

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