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A Few Words About Bio-Energetic Testing Machines

and Other Methods Used by Other Practitioners

Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing (ABT) It is an extraordinary method developed by award-winning French neurologist, Paul Nogier, M.D. (1908-1996).  It is a method I use to make observations, which lead me to holistic supportive treatments, combined with comprehensive medical history, consultation, and current symptoms.  There are various machines that numerous doctors are using, which are considered bio-energetic testing equipment.  I believe they may have merit, however many doctors are giving patients printouts which list everything from microorganism infection to chemical toxicity  and hormonal imbalances, and vitamin deficiencies. Thus, such practitioners are representing their testing as medical diagnosis, and evidence for the need for various herbs and supplements.  I do NOT provide any such documentation with ABT, nor do I support such a practice. ABT is a method that I use to aid me in choosing components of both homeopathic-type support and ear acupuncture treatment.

I make NO claim whatsoever that ABT is medical diagnostic testing.

Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing (ABT)  

  By Dr. Donald Liebell

     The secret to my patients' success winning the battle against the horrible effects of chronic Lyme disease (as well as Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and other problems) is an examination process correctly practiced by only a few doctors in the world. 

   Imagine if we could detect hidden health information that conventional medical diagnostic tests fail to notice... using our bodies' subtle electromagnetic signals... and most importantly, using this information to select likely successful wellness-promoting treatments.  

No need to imagine... it exists! 

   Authentic, scientific energy medicine practices have been creating revolutionary advancements in medicine, to a large degree thanks to the research of French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier, who lived from 1908 to 1996.  He developed a method called Auricular Medicine.  I am proud to be one of the few American doctors who carry on Dr. Paul Nogier’s ingenious work today. 

   My wife, Sheila overcame Lyme disease (and other related problems) as a direct result of Auricular Medicine.  My patients now reap the benefits of this magnificent, yet rarely practiced method.  
   Auricular Medicine’s finest achievement is detecting energetic suggestions of the cause of chronic symptoms, when conventional medical testing comes up empty. 
It has enabled countless patients to receive extraordinarily effective, drug-free, wellness-promoting treatment, which propelled them out of the abyss of chronic pain and illness… helping the body to heal itself, naturally.      

    There is a connection between illness and electric fields produced by our bodies.  Through years of experiments, Dr. Nogier discovered he could observe changes in the distance of electric fields projected off of the ears. 

He developed a procedure for observing how this living electromagnetic field expands and contracts projects under various conditions.  With it, we can find energetic clues that an organ is stressed, injured, or diseased through resonance matching.   This is accomplished using a wide variety of samples containing the electromagnetic frequencies of: Organs and tissues, Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other parasites, Toxins, Heavy metals, Scar tissue, and Specific diseases.     

       Since all substances have a specific frequency, we can briefly stress the body with a test sample to see if a resonance or a vibrational match exists.  In other words, if a stressed organ, or a substance exists in your body ALREADY, and we temporarily add the frequency of more of the same—your bio-electric field will project farther out from your body… because a substance that is in TUNE with the body, resonates with it. 

    Throughout the exam, dozens of samples are added and subtracted from the plates, and we observe how they affect the electric field distance.  In perfect health, this distance is 1cm (less than ½ inch) away from the ear.    

   I refer to Auricular Medicine as Auricular Bio-energetic Testing (ABT).  

   I must make it clear that ABT does NOT constitute diagnosis of any medical condition. 

   It is not a replacement for conventional medical evaluation or treatment.  I provide it as a complement to existing conventional medical care. 

   I recognize and recommend that patients consider ALL types of medical opinions, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, and treatment options....

  However, the majority of patients, who seek my treatment for chronic pain and illness (associated with chronic Lyme disease), have been told by multiple physicians of different specialties, that their diagnostic tests are "normal"—that nothing wrong can be found. 

Yet their symptoms persist.   

   The reality is that for perhaps the majority of Lyme disease victims, there was no rash… or they don’t remember a tick bite… AND the blood tests say negative for Lyme disease. 

   I have observed a huge number of patients consistently show expansion of the bio-electric field upon addition of the Lyme testing sample during auricular medicine testing.  Subsequent homeopathic wellness supplementation to specifically boost the patient’s immune system against Lyme has been phenomenally effective.  I know this because auricular medicine, including the testing, the acupuncture, and subsequent homeopathic treatment saved my wife, Sheila, from a lifetime of misery from Lyme disease.  I am proud to have helped many others with these methods over the past several years.

Case Example for Auricular Bio-energetic Testing: A 47-year-old woman suffered for 6 years from headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and various body pains.  All physical tests, X-rays, MRI, CT Scans and blood test were negative.  She had been given various medications to treat the symptoms, which at best provide temporary relief.  She was given the diagnoses of Fibromyalgia and Migraines.  Unhappy with diagnosis without evidence, and treatment that never addressed the cause of her symptoms, she sought Auricular Medicine.

     A thorough case history led me to suspect a possible cause.  We measured her baseline electric field distance at a quite abnormal 10 inches from her ear.  Adding a laboratory-prepared sample test tube of brain tissue to the test plate connected to her hand caused her electric field to temporarily expand to nearly 2 feet off her ear!

     The next step was to get bio-energetic suggestions of what toxins or microbes might be stressing her brain.  An inactive resonance frequency sample of Borrelia—the bacteria of Lyme disease was added to the test plate connected by wire to the skin of her neck.  Re-testing her electric field revealed a reduction to less than one inch.  This was an energetic suggestion that the cause of her head-related symptoms could be the Lyme disease bacteria.  To further establish this, the Borrelia sample was switched to the plate connected to the patient’s hand, along with the brain sample.  Her electric field projected nearly 3 feet from her ear.

     Finally, a sample of a proprietary homeopathic supplement formula was ADDED to the same plate.  The added energetic frequencies of the proposed treatment brought her electric field to less than one inch.  This “question and answer”-like approach was used for this and other areas of her body, and various samples of possible causative agents.  This enabled a customized comprehensive homeopathic and ear acupuncture treatment plan to be designed for her.  The patient was encouraged to discuss our findings with her medical doctor—and to consider all possible treatment options.  However, she felt she had given traditional medications and diagnosis ample opportunity to help her.

   In less than 6 months, using the homeopathic and ear acupuncture protocol, she was headache and dizziness free, with a marked decrease in all body pains (diagnosed by another doctor as "fibromyalgia," which were apparently caused by an immune system and nervous system disturbance from CHRONIC LYME DISEASE.  

The energetic findings from an ABT exam do NOT provide a diagnosis of any medical condition—but it is fascinating to see these findings consistently match physical and laboratory findings.  

   In some cases, energetic findings (in absence of symptoms or tissue damage of a developing underlying condition) will lead us to pursue traditional medical diagnostic testing, which might not be otherwise considered.  This can provide important insights to the best treatments possible from both conventional and complementary medicine.  Make sure that if you are concerned about any medical diagnosis, to discuss it with your medical doctor.

For details about Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing (ABT), click HERE to link to my comprehensive website on the subject. 

   If you are interested in becoming a patient, this is must-read!  This technique is different from muscle testing (autonomic response or applied kinesiology), or other energy medicine methods you have heard of, so be sure you get all the facts.


Dr. Donald Liebell
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