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Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O., B.A.
Licensed by the 
Virginia Board
of Medicine Since 1993

Become a Patient:

    I perform all new patient evaluations on a strictly scheduled basis.  My staff (Sheila or Barbara) will reserve approximately one hour and fifteen minutes of face-to-face time for you with me, to get all the important details of your case.  This includes medical case history consultation, Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing (ABT), and any necessary Auricular Therapy (ear acupuncture or electro-acupuncture).

   The first part of our first visit is for me to record a thorough medical history, including any recollection of tick bites, or any other Lyme-related circumstances.  We need to investigate what is actually going on with your body... far beyond the over-simplified notion that all your troubles are the result of the Lyme bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi

   Clinically, Lyme disease is a classic example of the individual nature of human response to one particular agent of disease.  The variation in symptoms for each person infected is astonishing. 

   One person may become afflicted with migraines, yet others might develop Bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis, POTS disease, or peripheral neuropathy.  Some victims suffer heart problems, while others infected by the same microbe only experience chronic joint pain.  Still others develop symptoms diagnosed as fibromyalgia. 

   This is why the homeopathic approach revolves around the person rather than the disease!

   One of the key factors for helping people recover from tick-triggered illness is treating each person individually. 

   There is no set “Lyme protocol.” 

  Each patient’s individualized treatment is determined beginning with data collected from filling out medical health history forms.  This is followed by a comprehensive and lengthy consultation—to get all the details about the person.  This goes far and beyond merely learning about current symptoms or any previous medical diagnosis. 

   The most obscure little details about a person can be extremely helpful for the doctor to determine effective supportive holistic treatment.  One’s medical history prior to apparent tick-borne infection is often just as important—if not more so than current and recent symptoms. 

   For example, many patients report having suffered mononucleosis (“mono”) years or decades prior to Lyme infection.  The Epstein-Barr virus associated with the condition can lurk silently in one’s body awaiting the opportunity to thrive due to a weakened immune system.  Chronic fatigue may be the result.  This is of course, another reminder of why it is illogical to expect to overcome chronic illness through long-term antibiotic usage.   Thorough case history often points to numerous non-bacterial causes of chronic pain and illness.

It takes considerable time, patience, thoughtfulness, and skill to provide effective homeopathic type treatment.  The process is quite different from merely prescribing drugs or other treatments that match up with a “one-size-fits-all” medical diagnosis. 

   There is no standard homeopathic treatment for any one condition.  

  Ten people could have the same symptoms—each requiring a completely different homeopathic support regimen.  Once a thorough health history and consultation is complete, Auricular Bio-energetic Testing (ABT) is performed.  The combination of these approaches leads the doctor to perform any appropriate auricular therapy, and to generate the patient’s individualized bio-energetic supplement protocol.

   We must determine if it is likely that any of my treatment methods will benefit you.  I need to see if it is appropriate to accept you as a patient.

   We'll sit down together and get acquainted.  I’ll view your New Patient Health History form, and I’ll get an opportunity to learn about your symptoms, and how they are affecting your quality of life. 

   We'll need to discuss your medical history and symptoms.  If you have been told that Lyme was "ruled out" by blood tests, you probably know that this is a tragic mistake.  The Centers for Disease Control even suggest that Lyme is best diagnosed by case history and symptoms. 

   However... let me make it crystal clear that successful treatment is NOT predicated upon actual Lyme diagnosis.  Some patients come to me having had a positive Western Blot... diagnosed already by another doctor.  Others have had a tick bite accompanied by a red, expanding rash (bull's eye).  Many more however, have no recollection of a tick bite, no positive blood tests, and often diagnoses of various (Lyme-related) medical conditions... and have been told they "don't have Lyme." 

   So relax... my whole-body, wellness-based treatment protocol is not dependent upon a definitive diagnosis of Lyme anyway (or any other medical diagnosis).  In fact, it's important that you do NOT expect me to talk about the diagnosis of Lyme as if it is your identity. 

   It is not. 

   You are a human being who suffers from an array of symptoms that may indeed have been triggered by the multiple infections of Lyme disease. 

   My focus will be solely on what YOUR symptoms are, and what can be done to support your BODY to handle the underlying CAUSES of your symptoms... to support your body's ability to heal itself, naturally.  The focus is on what can be done to treat YOU, not your diagnosis.

   Again, treating a diagnosis... treating a disease by "bombing" bacteria with antibiotics is hardly comprehensive.  I cannot stress enough that while chronic Lyme disease is certainly a legitimate diagnosis... I do not accept it as a FINAL diagnosis. 

   It is likely only a PARTIAL explanation for your deteriorated health... it's a starting point. 

   We must do serious detective work!   When you and I meet, I’ll need you to do more than simply tell me your symptoms.  It is your responsibility to make sure I understand everything you've been going through.  I need to know how severe your condition is, as well as exactly how it has reduced your quality of life.  I need to know about all your unsuccessful treatments with other practitioners.

  Expect a different type of evaluation. 

   My methods of determining how to help you, as well as the treatment approaches themselves are unlike that of any facility.  My care is not for everybody, and I recognize that no method is right for everybody. 

   If you are looking for a conventional doctor, who uses the most popular treatments (the latest FDA approved drugs), you have come to the wrong place. 

   I think all doctors, of all different medical disciplines, who are savvy to the reality of chronic Lyme, deserve credit (they are light years ahead of the majority of their peers).  However, if you're expecting me to have heavy applause for long-term antibiotic treatment provided by self-proclaimed "Lyme Literate Medical Doctors," you will be disappointed.  However, I can still treat you even if you haven't quite decided to stop taking them.  I have never, and will never tell any patient or prospective patient to quit antibiotics (or any other prescription medicine).

   That’s entirely up to you.

   If I DO accept you as a patient, I’ll be exclusively using non-drug, non-surgical treatments

   The great news is that none of my treatments CONFLICT with those of any other physician. So you don't have to feel torn between "conventional" and "complementary and alternative" medicine. 

   Most people who seek my care have already tried and failed with antibiotics and other drugs.  They don't need me to convince them of anything.  Those patients who seek my help, but are initially still afraid to stop antibiotics, usually ask their MD to cease their usage once they experience improvements with my homeopathic approach.  

   Again, there's no pressure from me at all.  I am extremely patient, and I'm willing to take whatever route you need to take on your journey to wellness.  Even if it takes longer because of other medical interventions (that would not be my choice), I will support you.

  The Auricular Bio-Energetic Testing (ABT) will be comfortable and easy for you to have performed (Make sure you read my article that explains the details).   Once completed, I will create a customized homeopathic bio-energetic support supplement protocol for you.  You will use the products as directed for two months, then return for re-evaluation.  At that time, changes in treatment will be determined, such as reduction in frequency of usage, different products, or fewer products.  Costs for treatment to ensure your recovery become progressively less and less.   

If you're ready for a realistic chance to recover from the devastation of chronic Lyme disease, just give my office a call to make arrangements.  It will be my privilege to help you "get your life back."  

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