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Frequently Asked Questions about

Auricular Bio-energetic Testing (ABT)

“Is ABT a replacement for medical diagnosis and treatment?”

      Auricular Bio-energetic testing is under NO circumstances a replacement for conventional medical care. I provide it as an addition or complement to existing medical evaluation.  I cannot stress enough that I do NOT diagnose or treat ANY medical condition with it.  I utilize it ONLY to determine acupuncture and homeopathic treatment, both of which are NOT direct treatments for any disease or condition, in the conventional medical sense.  I am a responsible doctor, who recognizes and recommends that you consider ALL medical opinions, laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging and treatment options.  

   I have been licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine since 1993.  I do indeed provide diagnosis for many chiropractic-related problems through x-ray evaluation, clinical diagnosis, and other accepted and expected means, but not via ABT.  

     ABT is a means of obtaining information that cannot show up through traditional means.  My patients find it to be especially helpful for chronic problems for which no other doctors can even determine a specific diagnosis.  It has been extremely effective for people who suffer from symptoms of fibromyalgia and numerous other medically diagnosed illnesses that have not presented any diagnostic evidence, or acceptable response to traditional medications.  

   The detection of energetic blockages is NOT diagnosis.  Nor is correction of energetic blockages a medical treatment of any disease.   

“How will a Bio-Energetic Evaluation benefit me?”

   Treatments could be chosen based upon medical history and physical examination.  This evaluation saves time and money, which might be wasted on ineffective treatment.  The vast majority of patients who have sought out evaluation have had unsatisfactory results with conventional medical testing and treatment.  Bio-energetic testing is intended to investigate for additional information that has not been considered by previous doctors, nor can be otherwise detected.  With each sample tested, your body will respond by the electric field around your ear either: expanding, shrinking or remaining the same. This will provide tremendous amounts of “micro-information” about your body’s energetic status.  With this approach, your body can essentially tell us which drugless treatments will be helpful to you specifically. Thus, there’s no generic treatment for anybody, and certainly there isn’t a treatment designed for any disease (that is the realm of conventional medical evaluation and treatment).  

“Can blood tests and other traditional medical diagnostic tests confirm the findings of Auricular Medicine?

     Yes.  Sometimes we find energetic suggestion of Lyme Borrelia, Ehrlichia, Babesia, Bartonella, fungi, and other nasty microbes, which is then confirmed by laboratory tests.  However, the Lyme Western Blot frequently comes up negative, but Auricular testing suggests Lyme. 

   Make no mistake; the findings of bio-energetic testing are ENERGY findings, not physical evidence of anything. We feel that energetic indications of many problems can be revealed despite blood tests not revealing such.  It’s common for people to not get diagnosed with a condition simply because their blood test results fall within an acceptable range.  The key is that energetic changes can take place well before physical damage is sufficient to register through conventional diagnostic tests.  

  I can't stress enough that my successful chronic Lyme complex patients do not get better because of lab tests; they get better because I used Auricular Bio-energetic Testing to determine the appropriate Auricular acupuncture and homeopathy. 

“Does testing hurt?

     It is completely painless and safe.  You will be comfortably lying down with a pillow under your head.  You will hold a metal bar in your hand, with another gently resting on your neck or belly.  I will be holding your left wrist to access your pulse. 

   At certain stages, an ear acupuncture point may be treated with the neuro-electric stimulator acupuncture device.  This is Auricular THERAPY, which is treatment.  If you feel anything at all, it will be a slight tingling sensation on the skin of your ear.  In some cases, semi-permanent acupuncture needles may be recommended.  If anything, such needles may give a quick, slight pinch, but that's it.     

"Can Auricular Bio-energetic Testing cure me of a disease?"

     You might think I’m “beating a dead horse” here, but I can’t stress enough that ABT is NOT a medical diagnostic testing system, nor is it a treatment of any disease. It is a method of evaluating energy in your body.  In my opinion, too few holistic practitioners clarify the distinction between medical cure and wellness promotion care.  One of the wonderful applications of Auricular Bio-energetic testing is to narrow down and select treatments that will support your body’s function.  If anybody tells you that my treatment "cured" their disease, or that I diagnosed and/or treated a bacterial infection or some other organic disorder; they didn't hear it from me!  If their own body cured their condition from the inside due to my assistance using whole-body wellness and chronic pain treatments... I'll be proud to have helped.  

 “How often do I need an Auricular Bio-energetic Testing?”

   Once you have been given your treatment recommendations, a follow-up exam will be scheduled two months later.  Frequency of evaluation also depends upon your health needs or desires.  Many patients like to come for Auricular Therapy ear acupuncture sessions in between exams for pain, stress reduction, allergy desensitization, and other purposes.  The 2-month apart exam requirement makes it very easy for people to receive care from out-of-state or other long distances.  Plus, I am easily accessed by email for questions. 

“Should I still take my prescription medications if I’m taking homeopathic bio-energetic support?”

   Homeopathy works by a completely different mechanism from traditional medicine; it doesn’t conflict with it at all.  You should continue all medication prescribed by another physician.  

   I will NEVER advise you to stop taking a prescription medication, INCLUDING ANTIBIOTICS.
 I do ask that if possible, for two hours prior to testing, not take any vitamin supplements, medication, or homeopathic remedies. 

“What if my family doctor is skeptical about Bio-energetic Medicine?”

     If this is the case, perhaps they should consider the endorsements of some of the most brilliant minds in medicine, from nobel prize winners and biophysicists to a U.S. Surgeon General, and even the well-known Dr. Mehmet Oz.    

    I am very suspicious of people who form opinions, and even worse, give health advice regarding something for which they lack any actual knowledge or clinical experience.  It is quite unfortunate that people are ignorantly told by licensed professionals that there is no scientific basis for energy medicine. 

   If a doctor blows it off as insignificant or phony baloney, and discourages you from pursuing it; perhaps that physician is the one to be questioned.  Ignorance has prevented masses of people from receiving highly effective and much needed health care.  American physicians are not required to study foreign approaches in school. We individuals, who have chosen to investigate it and acquire such knowledge and skills, have done so by choice, through post-doctorate training programs and taking the time to stay current with international research.  

     Auricular therapy is French in origin, and is decades old. But there are very few American doctors who have even heard of it.  The majority of medical research on the subject has been performed overseas. Unfortunately some American doctors do not accept foreign research. Perhaps they have forgotten that many of the most significant medical discoveries in history were European in origin.  If you are counting on the blessing of uniformed physicians to pursue Auricular Bio-energetic Testing; you may be depriving yourself of better health and pain relief. 

   Frankly, I have no desire to try to talk anybody into becoming my patient, nor am I the least bit interested in the approval of other doctors in my community.  Auricular methods are at the core of my family’s personal health care, and I am glad to share them with anybody who seeks my help. 

“How Does Auricular Bio-energetic Testing differ from Muscle Response Testing (Applied Kinesiology)?”

     Testing muscle strength responses to various substances is a well-established and effective means of bio-energetic testing.  There are many brilliant doctors who help people using it.  I applaud those who are proficient in Muscle Response Testing; however I consider it to be more of a subjective art than a science.  With muscle testing, the patient is involved, which can lead to fatigue or weakness.  The doctor is also a variable.  He or she may not be able to consistently test a muscle with the same amount of pressure.  I prefer to use Auricular testing for many reasons.  With ABT, the patients rests still on his or her back while tests are run.  The signal produced by your arteries is an objective finding—it is consistent and straightforward. In fact, several doctors can monitor a patient’s pulse at different artery locations on their body while the bio-electric field is tested.  They will all feel the pulse change (Vascular Autonomic Signal) at the same time.

“Why isn’t there more research on Bio-energetic Medicine?” 

   The short answer is there's no major money to be made!  I believe if energetic testing were further developed and utilized on a mass scale; it would be devastating to existing bio-medical commerce worldwide!

   Pharmaceutical companies are required by Federal law to do studies in order to put drugs on the market. Manufacturers of homeopathic remedies, supplements and herbs are not.  Since the profits margins from drugs are obscenely high, these corporations have the funds to sponsor the legally necessary clinical trials. 

   In addition, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments are custom-tailored for each person.  This makes clinical research trials extremely difficult, since such studies are geared towards proving that one particular thing works for the majority of people with one particular condition.         

“Is Auricular testing expensive?”

     I believe that low-cost health care approaches get lost in the shuffle because they can't generate huge profits for corporations. Countless patients can attest to the fact that the costs were "chump change" compared to what they had previously spent on ineffective treatments and diagnostic tests.  

Click HERE to learn about fees for evaluation.  

Disclaimer:The FDA is the U.S. Government entity that determines what health practices can be performed, as well as what medical claims may be made or not.  I strictly adhere to such Federal laws, as well as the regulations of the Virginia Board of Medicine (through which I’ve held my license since 1993).  I proclaim by this statement that I do NOT diagnose ANY medical condition utilizing Auricular Medicine.  Bio-energetic observations made during such evaluation are NEVER presented as a medical diagnosis, nor is any subsequent treatment to be construed as a direct treatment for Lyme disease or any medical condition.   All patients, prospective and present are advised to seek qualified medical opinions for specific conditions