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Biofilm Barricade Busting

 By Dr. Donald Liebell

   Biofilm is another one of the many debated topics in Lyme treatment.  Biofilm is a protective slimy coated matrix of bacteria.  It makes the microbes resistant to antibiotics, as well as herbal medicine. 

    The Lyme community obsesses over biofilm. 

    I do not. 

    It is not a concern when implementing our holistic homeopathic approach. 

   Human bodies have been successfully dealing with biofilm for as long as we have walked the planet.  Most bacterial infections involve biofilms, which provide resistance to antibiotics. 

 The National Institutes of Health and the CDC report that more than 80 percent of ALL bacterial infections include a biofilm phase during the course of the disease (grants.nih.gov)

   We see biofilms all the time.  

   When bacteria get stuck on moist surfaces, they product a substance glue-like gunk.  Clogged drains have biofilm.  Slippery rocks have biofilm.  Plaque on your teeth is a form of biofilm, which can consist of hundred of different bacterial species!

   The bio-energetic medicine approach is not in any way limited or challenged by biofilm.  Quite frankly, discussions of such do not enter in the equation for my patients as a factor in analysis, diagnosis, treatment, or recovery.  When my patients feel their memory restored, their joint and muscle pains disappear, and their energy return, they no longer give a second thought about biofilm.  I have no doubt that our immune systems are capable of dealing with the biofilm component of Lyme disease and other tick-borne infection.