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What are the Liebell Clinic's

Bio-energetic Supplements? 

By Dr. Donald Liebell

It appears that with the support of our bio-energetic supplements, patients are developing their own natural immunity, which enables their bodies to better deal with stressors that result in pain and illness.

Let me be crystal clear that NOTHING I write about is a medical claim; we currently have no academic scientific proof. However, the response patients demonstrate and report suggests this is the case. The Liebell Clinic is not a research facility... it is a help people get their lives back facility!

Our bio-energetic supplements are not a treatment for Lyme disease or any other medical condition; they are a natural and holistic wellness support. Please do not confuse my approach with the various "Lyme protocols" out there, who claim "cures" and "miracles." The dynamic effects of bio-energetic supplements are solely the result of your body’s natural and normal physiological mechanisms. The intention of bio-energetic support is to fortify your body’s awareness of its existing problems, so it acts more aggressively to improve itself, naturally. 

Here are the key points regarding my bio-energetic supplements (you can read on further for details):

Unlike chemical pharmaceutical drugs (and some herbal products), our bio-energetic supplements cannot and do not make your body do anything that it is not physiologically supposed to do.

Each spray of a bio-energetic supplement delivers a burst of complex energy signatures, which simulate various supportive substances. This is intended to serve as a stimulus to the body to “remind” it to carry out its own natural self-regulating processes, which are stagnated or “stuck.”

These products deliver NO chemical pharmaceutical effects, nor are they addictive. They are safe and compatible for use with any other treatments, supplements, foods, as well as pharmaceutical medications provided by other physicians.

Our bio-energetic supplements are NOT drugs, nor are they controlled substances. They cannot and do not cause chemical side effects, nor is there any concern for drug interactions with pharmaceutical medication (or anything else you may be taking, eating, or doing).

There is NO absorption, digestion, metabolism, or distribution of chemicals throughout the body, with the exception of the beneficial and safe nutrient, malic acid. Thus they cannot result in production metabolites (as per pharmaceutical, herbal, or other chemical products), which might show up in drug testing.

Bio-energetic supplements are NOT herbs, nor do the bear any resemblance to them in form or function. Herbal medicines work by means of chemical action, and are very similar to pharmaceutical medications. Herbs are the raw materials for many drugs.

There is NO measurable chemically medicinal substance in our bio-energetic products. The physical ingredients are the same liquid solution for each product. However, the complex bio-energetic encoding is completely different for each.

The working principle of the bio-energetic supplements is water memory. This is the terminology of Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Luc Montagnier. Montagnier determined that DNA emits electromagnetic waves that can be retained in water. He confirmed that water can retain the frequencies, imprints, or energetic signatures of substances. Such signals can have dramatic biological effects!

Our bio-energetic supplements are liquid solutions that have been embedded with formulated code. A CD or DVD is a piece of plastic with digital code embedded within it. Similarly, each bio-energetic supplement product is a precisely encoded liquid with different specific components. 

These products do not contain any substance that could or would provoke a toxic response. This includes a very insignificant amount of pure organic alcohol (0.0017 ounce per spray). An average protocol composed of 12 sprays delivers a miniscule total of 0.02 ounces of alcohol (that’s two one hundreds of one ounce, one tenth of a teaspoon). The aerosol effect of the pump sprayer does tend to magnify the alcohol smell and taste; however, it is an extremely small amount of alcohol. The only consideration is if a person is known to be allergic to alcohol. Many prescription and over-the-counter medicines contain significant amounts of alcohol, as well as some foods.

None of these bio-energetic supplements are represented, suggested, claimed, or intended to prevent or treat any specific medical condition, nor are they intended to replace or delay any necessary conventional medical care. They are intended solely to support one’s natural inborn physiological regulation.

I claim no proof of any specific physiological mechanism beyond the fact of clinical improvements reported by patients and where physically possible, observed.   

These products are not commercial stock items; they cannot be purchased at a health food store or online. They are manufactured for us upon demand, and are constantly updated and improved as well.

Here’s how an initial daily bio-energetic wellness regimen is done:

Each patient’s customized daily protocol includes as many as fifteen different support products that work together as a whole. Each product is sprayed just once under the tongue, one after another. The order in which they are taken does not matter, nor must a strict timetable be followed. The entire process takes a minute or less, initially done three times daily, for the first two months. Whatever times of day that are convenient for you are fine. Leave at least one hour in between.

There’s nothing to think about, otherwise. There’s no swishing it around in your mouth or counting how many seconds to hold the liquid before swallowing it. No contemplating or questioning. Just spray, and go about your day! This is not the same as taking a pill, and waiting for its effects to kick in. This is supplying your body with a bio-energetic “reminder” of the critically important and complex job it must do to get healthier.

I cannot stress it enough that bio-energetic supplementation does not, and cannot make your body do anything it should not (or could not) do naturally. The translation of that: NO side effects.

The specific individual bio-energetic products in each patient’s customized wellness protocol combine to function as ONE synchronized cohesive functioning unit—a whole-body support. They should not be viewed as individual medicines (they are not drugs).

All protocol component products are included specifically because I have determined you would likely benefit from them. A baker would never bake a cake, intentionally leave out one or more key ingredients… and expect the cake to come out right. An orchestra would not play Beethoven’s fifth symphony without the violin section and the horns. Similarly, with a bio-energetic supplement protocols, please resist any temptation to use only some of your recommended products because (for some reason), you do not think you need them all. The same is the case for using all of the recommended products, at the frequency listed for each (3x/day, 2x/day, 1x/day, or 1x/week).

Details about the Bio-energetic Supplements:

Our proprietary bio-energetic supplements are encoded liquids. They are custom created for us by a sophisticated process of embedding virtual blueprints of substances. These are called energy signatures. The process of creating an energy signature was introduced around 2007. Precise multi-layered images of the desired substance (for energetic simulation) are created from symbols, shapes and colors. They are interwoven with alpha-numeric characters, which may be up to 300,000 pages long. These signatures are then converted to a digitally-formatted card. This process is called Coherent Energy Transduction. To create the liquid sublingual spray supplements, the card is placed in an instrument called an Alpha-numeric Transducer (ANT). The ANT imprints the energetic signatures into a liquid solution of water, a miniscule amount of pure organic alcohol (less than 0.0017 ounce per spray), and a few important trace minerals, such as malic acid.

Different products are created by embedding specific encoded data into a blank solution. Each one is composed of many dozens of different encoded energy signatures, crafted from a constantly expanding database. The energy signatures are replicas of a wide variety of substances from plants, animals, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other natural sources. This includes energy signatures replicating the signals of several thousand long-established natural remedies. However, no actual physical substances are ever used.

Does the concept of encoding water with energy signatures sound far-fetched or outrageous?

Encoded water is as comprehensible as many long-established technologies. Consider how music records have been made, dating back to Thomas Edison’s first phonograph. Vibration patterns are etched by a stylus into the blank record during live sound recording. The master imprint gets processed, and duplicates can be made. The sound can be played back by the phonograph’s player’s needle sitting in the record’s groove, which contains the preserved energy pattern of the original sound. Amazing!

With audio or videotape, complex data is stored magnetically on iron coated plastic tape (can you believe that this is old technology?).

Modern CDs and DVDs store information optically, embedded into a piece of polycarbonate plastic. With usage, laser beams detect embedded coding of numbers, spaces and microscopic bumps. Quite frankly, vinyl records and magnetic tape seem easier to understand!

DVDs bring us the complexities of motion, color, and sound to our televisions and computers. A blank disc can have infinite combinations of digital data encoded into it. This determines what movie, music, or other computer data can be accessed and utilized. 

Scientists have developed many astonishing ways to capture and utilize energy patterns. Much of what was once considered science fiction has been surpassed by scientific reality.

We open car doors with keypads projecting frequencies specific to our own vehicle. A radio can be tuned to a specific frequency. We transmit messages, data, video, photos, and voice around the world, instantly via smart phones. We can use Skype or Facetime, and stream Netflix to our televisions and phones. There are so many astonishing ways that scientists have enabled us to transmit and store signals, instantly. Quite frankly, the idea of energy signatures embedded in water supporting our health seems comparatively simple in comparison! Bio-energetic supplements are created by embedding signals into water.

The term used by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Luc Montagnier is water memory. Montagnier has declared that DNA emits electromagnetic waves that can be retained in water. He confirmed the hypothesis that water can retain the frequencies, imprints, or energetic signatures of substances. Dr. Montagnier won the 2008 Nobel Prize for discovery of the AIDS virus (HIV).

Dr. Montagnier also verified that the electromagnetic signals retained in water can have dramatic biological effects! Unfortunately some of Dr. Montagnier’s peers do not get it. Oddly, many have criticized his water research because its mechanisms are not yet fully understood. Isn’t investigation and discovery the purpose of scientific research? It is peculiar how much energy and time has been spent throughout history criticizing anything different from established and old ways.

“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different”      
 -Albert Szent-Gyorgi (Nobel Prize winning biochemist)

My patients, family, friends, and I are quite certain that water memory and the beneficial physiological effects of energy signatures have propelled them towards better health. So, if your local MD doesn’t believe it, perhaps you might put more trust in the opinion of a world-renowned scientist.

In his 2010 interview with Science Magazine, Dr. Montagnier reminded readers of the impressive results of similar remedies (homeopathic) during the nineteenth century with epidemics of cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, scarlet fever, and influenza.

The professor has declared that water structures can mimic molecules of substances—without any physical substance present. Montagnier plans on continuing research on the phenomenon of electromagnetic waves produced by DNA in water—in particular the DNA of bacteria and viruses, and its impact on treatment of chronic disease. Dr. Montagnier has pointed out however, that funding for research will be scarce since the conventional pharmaceutical companies cannot benefit from furthering drug-free treatments. Luc Montagnier is a medical doctor. He is certain that the principle of water memory brings tremendous research opportunity for modern medicine. 

Here’s a link to an interesting documentary film about Dr. Luc Montagnier’s water memory research.
He shows how virus DNA signal can be captured in water, recorded, and transmitted as a computer file: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8VyUsVOic0 

Dr. James Oschman, another world-renowned scientist holds the same view about water. He is a physiologist, cellular biologist, and biophysicist. Dr. Oschman is the most prominent academic scientist to explore the basis for natural and holistic therapies. He has published dozens of articles in academic scientific journals. Dr. Oschman references that the same scientific methods that have been utilized to provide the basis for conventional chemical medical practice have been used equally to evaluate energy medicine.   

According to Oschman, in his book “Energy Medicine—the Scientific Basis” the principle of water memory does not violate any known laws of physics or nature (as some naysayers insist). He indicates that this is the thinking of scientists from ten different nations.

Oschman acknowledges that our scientific understanding of the physics of water is incomplete. He has described the human body as a living crystal with electricity, magnetism, and light flowing through it, often at higher speeds than the standard neurology model.

Dr. Oschman’s book is a fantastic resource. It shows how bio-energetic science can be used to help people overcome illnesses, which have responded poorly to pharmaceutical medicine. It provides a deep understanding about energy and energy flow in the human body, with well-established and documented scientific research. He describes how various methods can restore natural energy flow within the body, which supports recovery from many problems.

Like many things used in conventional medicine, it is not yet fully understood to science how encoding water with energy signatures facilitates the clinically-observed health improvements. What my family, my patients, and I know for sure is that bio-energetic supplementation absolutely does work! The principle of embedding energy signals into water described by these Nobel Laureates is the mechanism behind the bio-energetic supplement products I provide in my practice.

The water and its embedded energy signatures do not treat any symptom or medical condition.
However, the clinical results suggest that their usage clearly encourages people’s bodies to do what they’re naturally supposed to do, when for whatever reasons, function has been suppressed. Clinical results suggest consistent daily exposure to their beneficial frequencies results in the ailing and struggling body developing a heightened sense of its existing problems. It seems clear that this serves as a safe and gentle “push” for the body to work harder itself to get better through its own inborn physiological mechanisms.

It is a scientific fact that people can naturally acquire better immunity, and improve their health by their bodies own internal inborn mechanisms. Some people never catch colds, regardless of their exposure to sick people. Others never succumb to the flu or other viruses and other germs spreading around a community. They are fortunate to have strong immunity towards those particular germs. For example, some people are immune to the infectious microbes transmitted by tick bites; they do not develop Lyme disease. Others are not so fortunate, and need help.

A Symphony of Support

It is well-known that music can have beneficial physiological effects. Imagine a symphony orchestra playing a specific musical chord. Imagine a violinist plays a certain note. The harpist plans another. The pianist strikes a complex chord with all ten fingers. The percussionist crashes the cymbals, while the clarinet, oboe, and trombonist all play different notes too. Each musician contributes a vibrational frequency to create the synchronized whole musical unit.

Each bio-energetic supplement is embedded with energy signatures each of which have a distinct role or function—like different notes being played by a variety of different musical instruments in a symphony orchestra.

This is what each bio-energetic supplement is meant to do: create a symphony of signals. When you take a spray, think of it like a symphony orchestra striking a specific chord, with each musician producing musical tones of a distinct vibrational frequency. Each time a bio-energetic product is sprayed under the tongue, you receive a burst of the beneficial “harmonies” of its specific combination of energy signatures. Each individual product is like a music CD; the plastic disc is identical for every music recording, but the embedded digital coding of the music recording is different. Each distinct bio-energetic supplement “plays a different chord.” The cumulative effect of the different chords from each supplement taking in succession produces the “song.”

Daily regular usage provides the whole-body, holistic wellness support. My job is to figure out what “chords” each person needs to produce the right “song” for each patient. This is obviously not a rigid protocol for any particular medical condition, nor is it the same for every patient. Although they do not treat any medical condition directly; every bio-energetic supplement has a unique combination of energy signatures for specific purposes. There are supports for specific organs and tissues such as the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, brain, muscles, tendons, nerves, etc. Others serve to aid cellular detoxification or natural support for one’s natural physiology to deal with pathogens and parasites, solar and geomagnetic activity, and metal toxicity. What products are chosen depends upon the needs of the individual.   

The bottles do not list the energy signatures. There are several reasons for this. For starters, there are too many to fit on the labels; some products have hundreds of them. Facsimiles or energetic representations of signals of thousands of natural substances can be used. Each product is like a music CD; the blank plastic disc is identical for every music recording, but the embedded digital coding of the music recording is different and unique for each. Having a list of the energy signatures would be sort of like printing the written musical score of a music CD on the disc label.

Bio-energetic supplements are classified and regulated as dietary supplements. It is required by law that only the water, mineral, and alcohol—the physical ingredients must be listed on product labels. The various products have different names (and purposes), but the liquid solution’s ingredients are always the same. Each product has a unique combination of embedded energy signatures. Listing all of each product’s specific energy signatures is neither required, nor feasible. This is like “natural flavors” listed as an ingredient on food product labels. Thousands of possible chemical substances extracted from plant or animal sources are used. A food product may contain natural flavoring composed of as many as 100 different substances. They are not listed, nor does the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations require it. Natural flavoring is not considered nutritional. It would not be feasible to list such components on labels. The same is the case for bio-energetic supplements.

These are proprietary formulas that have taken years of study, effort, and tens of thousands of dollars to research and develop. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, bio-energetic supplement formulas cannot be patented or publicly traded on the stock exchange. The energy signature component formulas are however, intellectual property, like a book’s copyright or a secret formula. They are not for public distribution. If they were made public; they could be easily copied, stolen, and illegally used. Upon request, I can show you, or verbally describe some of them. They are mostly in Latin scientific terminology. All patients use bio-energetic supplements must do so with the understanding, acceptance, and trust that they are embedded with different combinations of energy signatures. Bio-energetic supplements are never represented as having any pharmaceutical action, nor are they suggested as treatment of any medical condition, in the conventional sense.     

Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O., B.A.
Licensed by the 
Virginia Board
of Medicine Since 1993