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Are Some of Your Symptoms Associated

with Chronic Lyme Disease Due to

Toxins in Your Body?

Why Gentle and Safe Detoxification & Drainage

Therapy is a Critical Part of Recovery

    By Dr. Donald Liebell

   A visit to a "conventional" American medical doctor rarely involves a conversation regarding toxins.  The focus is on symptoms, diagnosis (a name for your symptoms), and typically a prescription for medication to alleviate your symptoms.  Detoxification is certainly not a part of conventional Lyme disease patient treatment. 

   Do you think a regimen of long-term antibiotics addresses mobilization and elimination of toxic substances in your body?   The drugs themselves are additional toxins for your body to manage.

   The fact remains that whether we are aware of it or not, our bodies are relentlessly bombarded by toxic substances from countless sources.  Our bodies must defend against them and remove them (drainage). Detoxification and drainage are critical to a wellness-based approach to recovery from chronic Lyme, or for that matter, any chronic illness.  Thus, it's a critical part of my patients' treatment protocol.   

More than ever before in human history, we are exposed to chemical toxins.  They're in our food and water supply.  They are in medicines, building materials, household cleaning products, the air we breath, and numerous other sources we'd never consider or know.  

   For example, a plastic beverage container may be composed of chemicals that get into the liquid.  There are also toxins in the form of electromagnetic radiation.  We may not like to learn that cell phones, computers, and high voltage electric power lines can emit toxic levels of radiation... but it's a fact.  Add to this sinister mix, toxins from bacteria, viruses, and perhaps the most ignored -- fungi (read a separate article about fungi on this website!). 

   Our bodies also produce toxins as part of normal metabolism.  But they must be processed and eliminated to get healthy and to stay healthy.  Our bodies have sophisticated detoxification and drainage systems, but everybody has a breaking point where a toxic overload is no longer effectively handled by the organs responsible.  The consequences of this range from mere fatigue to serious illness.

The organs of detoxification and drainage include your: lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, bowels, skin, and lungs.   Many of your symptoms may be at least in part, be caused by toxic overload.  Conventional medicine is rather uncomfortable and critical with this, since medical tests may not reveal such, unless levels are substantially high. 

   Fortunately my patients understand that they benefit from gentle and safe bio-energetic supplement supported detoxification, regardless of academic medicine's cynical stance.  Properly done, it is an easy, safe, short-term, and low cost approach towards wellness.  Every patient has different needs, which we determine through comprehensive evaluation.

With the aid of bio-energetic supplement supported detoxification and drainage, our goal is to support your body's inborn ability to mobilize toxins trapped in your tissues, so they may be effectively metabolized and eliminated. 

In my practice, I have access to ANY detoxification product with the exception of prescription drugs (if any actually exist for detox, which I doubt). 

I do not advocate herbal cleanses and complicated nutritional approaches.  I have found these approaches to be too harsh, more expensive, risky, and quite frankly, far less effective than the right bio-energetic products.  And, I find that many patients come to me having been through various other detox methods, yet they (as determined by my evaluation) clearly did not adequately detox and drain.