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But Just Don’t Know What to Do 

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   We refer to Western medicine as “conventional” or “traditional”—the care provided by the “real doctors” that your insurance covers.  Pretty much anything other than drugs, surgery, or physical therapy is labeled “alternative,” or its less insulting cousin, “complementary medicine.” 

   Did you know medical errors and prescription drugs rank in the top 3 leading causes of death in America?  Despite this fact, Americans function on ill-conceived faith that our country’s “mainstream” drug-based approach to chronic illness will get us well.

   How’s that working out?

   Could it simply be that we only do whatever health insurance pays for?  Many nations that have lower health care costs and better health have been utilizing so-called alternative methods all along.  Acupuncture has been successful for several thousand years.  Homeopathy has been successful in Europe for over 200 years.  86-year-old Queen Elizabeth has had a homeopath as her personal physician, as did the Queen Mother (who lived to 102). 

   I don’t apologize for providing treatment approaches that are not labeled conventional.  If a leading conventional medical research institution proclaims that the conventional approach actually kills more people than actual diseases…

   I couldn’t be prouder to be successfully treating people using extremely unconventional (yet safe, legal and ethical) means. 

   I admit that most of my patients seek me out of desperation—the conventional medical tests and treatment their health insurance DID pay for, were tragically ineffective.  For many, the wretched side-effects of long-term antibiotics left them in a further debilitated state of health than from the Lyme alone. 

   What a tall task they ask of me.

   I get emails from people from around the country and abroad, asking me if I can help them.  Some people’s main concern is whether or not insurance will cover treatment.  Please don’t “shoot the messenger,” but your insurance will not pay for homeopathic supplements or ear acupuncture I provide. 

   American insurance does not pay for wellness care or prevention; it pays for illness and injury care, which includes mainly prescription drugs and surgery.   Vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and homeopathic supplements are simply NOT part of our medical insurance system, sorry.  Homeopathy is indeed covered by universal health insurance in most European countries.   

   Just what exactly is “alternative” about these safe and effective systems?

   Are you still convinced that the deteriorated, overused, and outdated system of killing germs with chemicals is the only answer for Lyme disease?  If you are, my treatment approach is definitely not for you.  The treatment approaches I use can do absolutely no harm to the patient.

   What “conventional” approach can make that claim?  

   Intravenous antibiotics?  Narcotics?  Antidepressants?  

   Perhaps you must ask yourself, “How long will I suffer

before trying a different treatment approach?” 

   Have you considered how much quality of life Lyme disease is costing you?  Our medical establishment has an impressive appearance of authority and effectiveness.  Magnificent looking facilities and doctors with impressive academic credentials, well-funded research journals and high tech websites all contribute to this perception.  Television and movies also give us the impression that doctors can always run tests and find out the facts about any health problem. 

   It is not the reality.

   Of course modern medicine has produced incredible results for many injuries and illnesses.  I am personally grateful for such.  But despite much of this magnificent progress, certain illnesses still plague us.  Even worse is the fact that some ailments such as Lyme, are simply swept under the rug. 

   In my opinion, Lyme disease is a condition for which doctors and researchers don’t have the time, inclination or resources to be bothered.  Its management doesn’t fit the American medical system’s model of care.  As a result, it seems that most physicians either remain ignorant of it, or deny its existence altogether.  It also seems that the majority of doctors who do acknowledge it are stuck in a singular approach treatment mindset—that bacteria need to be bombed with antibiotics… and that’s that.  This is sadly, an irrational, antiquated and often disastrous approach.  

   There’s an old expression, “If you’re a hammer—everything looks like a nail.”

   I received an email from a desperate woman from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, who has been on antibiotics for 10 years, 10 months out of every year.  Do you think 100 months of antibiotics costs a few bucks? 

   Is she well?  

   Why do people do this?  

   I assume it’s because they believe they have no choice?  That’s why it is my duty to inform the public that there is another way.  And yes… it is indeed a complementary and alternative treatment approach.  I don’t claim to be an infectious disease doctor. 

   The great news is that I am not doing anything controversial, nor am I practicing outside accepted guidelines or scope of practice. 

   I am not participating in the Lyme controversy. 

   I am interested only in sharing what got my family well with other people.  If you are uncomfortable with the notion of a holistic practitioner who cannot state that he is directly treating Lyme, I understand.  I don’t expect my ideas on the subject to be accepted as gospel.   

     Chronic Lyme disease is real.  It’s under-reported, under-diagnosed, under-treated, mis-treated and severely mis-understood.  It is my mission to inform and assist those poor souls who are suffering. 

   Your choice is to keep trying or give up and suffer. 

   I offer my services not as a cure… a promise or guarantee… but rather an extraordinarily safe, affordable, and consistently effective option… a reasonable chance—realistic hope to get better.  I have written this article knowing that the general attitude of our health care system towards chronic Lyme disease is principally one of denial.  There is even a malicious attitude towards practitioners such as myself, who question the medical establishment.

   The question is, who are we supposed to be serving?   Other doctors?

   The government?


   My wife Sheila and I know the inside story of Lyme disease… and then some.  I treat PEOPLE… NOT test results, NOT microbes, and NOT diseases.  If you do not yet fully understand the difference, I will help you understand.  I offer realistic hope for people who have either been diagnosed with chronic Lyme, or think they should be.  My family’s recovery from Lyme was just the start.  My “no direct Lyme treatment” approach to treating people victimized by Lyme is helping local residents, as well as people travelling from out-of-state.  You can read the comments from a few of my chronic Lyme patients on this website.    

Pick the Brain of a Doctor Who Actually Helps People Beat Chronic Lyme Without Antibiotics

   You are welcome to email me with questions at: necksecret@gmail.com.  But please, do me a favor: do NOT ask me questions about antibiotics.  I’ve got nothing to do with them on any level with any patient's care.  My views about them, and the facts supporting them are expressed throughout this website.  I am licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine to practice acupuncture and chiropractic, and provide supportive supplements.  I do NOT prescribe medications, nor is it appropriate for me to advise patients (or prospective patients) whether or not to take them. 

   My stance on long-term antibiotic usage is for general discussion, and is not intended as treatment advice for any individual.  Plus, I urge ALL patients and prospective patients, both verbally and in writing to pursue conventional medical evaluation, if they have not done so already. 

   Also, please do not ask me questions about insurance. 

   Homeopathic supplements are not covered by American health insurance.  My treatment is affordable, and we arrange payment plans, if necessary for supplements.  If you would like to become my patient, you may simply call my office to arrange a consultation.  If you would like comprehensive Auricular Bio-energetic Testing (ABT) you may arrange for that as well on the same visit.      

   It would be my privilege and joy to help you too—in the fight to overcome chronic Lyme disease... "post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome" or whatever you want to call your problems.

Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O., B.A.
Licensed by the 
Virginia Board
of Medicine Since 1993