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How Did a Mother of Three,

Stricken with Chronic Lyme Disease, 

Make a "Miraculous" Recovery in a

Matter of Months... Without Antibiotics?

By Dr. Donald Liebell

   The answer will shock and delight you!  It’s an amazingly simple and safe health care revelation that chronic Lyme patients swear is literally as easy as a push of a button… kick-starting and rejuvenating your body’s ability to heal itself, no matter how pitifully ineffective previous medical treatment has been… and guaranteed free of drug side effects!

   Plus… (unlike long-term antibiotics) it does not cross the lines of unregulated and controversial treatment, nor is it dependent upon questionable blood test interpretation, or debates over diagnosis.

   If you suffer from chronic joint or muscle pain, fatigue, memory problems, dizziness, headaches, numbness and tingling, or other debilitating symptoms... this may be the most important article you’ve ever read

   Do you know anybody who has actually recovered from chronic Lyme disease?  I do NOT mean somebody coping with Lyme, while on long-term antibiotics.  I mean a person who is free of symptoms and free of infection, long-term. 

   Sheila Liebell is such a person… thanks to a little-known treatment

secret that propelled her out of the abyss of chronic pain, fatigue, and

other symptoms… to become Lyme-free… and to  stay Lyme-free

(and co-infection free), even though her body had deteriorated into a

complete mess.   It wasn’t some “miracle” herb, detox cleanse, or

nutritional program… and it certainly was NOT antibiotics.    

   For several years, my wife, Sheila suffered fatigue, mood swings, joint pain, heart palpitations, and memory problems, which we eventually discovered were caused by chronic Lyme.  Sheila never had a bull’s eye rash, nor did she recall seeing a tick.  No medical doctor suggested a blood test; she insisted on it herself… by accident!  She was trying to say, “West Nile Virus” but because of cognitive troubles—it came out “Lyme.”  Fortunately our MD was willing to order a Western Blot and luckily, it was positive; this gave us a diagnosis with which to work.  This was the beginning of our Lyme odyssey, which led to the expertise that I share with my patients today.  Eventually we discovered that my kids and I had it too. 

   How did we all get Lyme?  We’ll never know—no ticks or bull’s eye rash were ever seen on any of us.      

   Antibiotics were dismally worthless.  Various nutritional, herbal, and other “alternative” treatments, including the “vitamin C and salt” protocol, frequency generators, cleanses, and classical (single remedy) homeopathy… were equally ineffective.

   However, a highly sophisticated, whole-body wellness approach, which included principles of modern homeopathic medicine and a specialized acupuncture method, unchained Sheila from the evil grips of Lyme (and all co-infections).  This protocol has been succeeding with my patients ever since. 

    Once my family was helped, I immediately pursued expert training in the same magnificent methods, so I could help others get well too.  This website, as well as my book, Biting Back will provide you with all the details.  

NOTE:  My treatment is NOT an herbal, nutritional, or pharmaceutical approach, nor does it involve Rife machines, frequency “zappers” or other supposed “Lyme cures” you may have read about on the Internet.

   My whole body, immune system strengthening treatment, it is NOT a direct treatment for Lyme disease (or any other medical condition).  I have been licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine since 1993.  It is within my scope of practice to provide acupuncture, chiropractic, other physical treatments, and supplements for the purposes of pain management. 

   I do NOT treat infectious disease.  However, I utilize a comprehensive, whole-body, wellness-based approach to liberate Lyme disease sufferers from a life of chronic pain, fatigue and dozens of other symptoms—without any medication.  

   Effective Health Care WITHOUT Politics and Controversy

   Lyme disease is a controversial and political subject.  Government and medical agencies, insurance companies, and doctors are all in the mix.  Opinions are varied and vocal.  Many doctors do not believe chronic Lyme is very common, or exists at all (Just where does it go left untreated?).  I suspect even more aren’t thinking about it at all, or chose to ignore it. 

   Many a poor soul has been sent to the psychiatrist; their physicians never considering or believing that Lyme was at the heart of the problem.  In fact, a study published in 2002 in the American Journal of Psychiatry, revealed that 33% of the psychiatric patients had signs of Lyme infection.  According to Dr. Paul Fink, past president of the American Psychiatric Association, Lyme disease can contribute to EVERY psychiatric disorder in the “Diagnostic Symptoms Manual IV.” 

Lyme is as serious as a heart attack.  I know because my family and I were victims of it.  Since finding out how to overcome the chronic effects of Lyme disease, it has been my family’s mission to share our knowledge.  Had we not learned what I will share with you; my family's health would be rapidly deteriorating, and my children would be destined for a life of pain and suffering.  I would not be helping other people get their lives back too.  

   The controversy surrounding chronic Lyme disease is a sickening mess.  Conventional blood tests are pitifully flawed (could they be intentionally rigged to be so?).  Antibiotics have been largely a failure, and the subject of heated debate within government and medical circles.  

   The great news is that I am NOT involved in this debate at all.  You’ll soon realize what this means to your chances for recovery.

   National Institutes of Health (NIH) research concluded that long term antibiotics are not appropriate for chronic Lyme.  Yet some physicians risk their licenses and prescribe them anyway… perhaps because they (and their patients) feel it is their only hope.  The controversy of Lyme is an issue of diagnostic criteria and standards of antibiotic usage. 

   Although I respect doctors who acknowledge chronic Lyme, I do not share their fundamental assumption that success can only come from bombing Borrelia bacteria with antibiotics.  I understand that their viewpoint is the natural result of traditional Western medical training; antibiotics are the only logical tool.

    However, I see one patient after another desiring my holistic treatment—because they failed to get well with antibiotics.  

   If antibiotics work the way the CDC says they do (they will cure Lyme)—would I be treating so many people? 

   Would I have written this entire website? 

   Wouldn't my wife and family would have been easily and efficiently cured of Lyme disease long ago?  

   If long-term antibiotics worked the way some doctors say they do—I would not have written this article… I would not even remotely be involved with people with Lyme.  But I have NO choice but to be involved!  To not share what I know would be selfish and cruel.  

   I agree with our government health agencies.  There is a mountain of evidence that long-term antibiotic usage SUPPRESSES immune system function (Google this yourself—don’t take my word for it).  Yes, antibiotics can kill local and systemic bacteria on a large scale—but when they DO work; your immune system is what FINISHES the job.  And this is the key.  If your immune system is WEAK, it will be ill-equipped to handle the multifaceted complex of Lyme.

   Are you among the many people who feel okay, but only while taking antibiotics?

   If you can open your mind and get past the notion that antibiotics are your only hope for healing from the chronic effects of Lyme disease, your chances for recovery will magnify

 But... if you are interested in realistic hope for beating Lyme disease, but can’t fathom doing so without long-term antibiotics—this website and my treatment approach is NOT for you.

   Don’t worry… you won’t hurt my feelings!  However, if you are committed to getting well, I suggest you read every article on this website!

  If there were a Lyme-savvy doctor who knew how to support your body's ability to “recharge” your immune system… enable you to gently and safely eliminate toxins… decrease your pain… without drugs, high dosages of vitamins, salt protocols,  complicated herbal protocols, and Rife machines, or the Herxheimer Reactions… Would You Be Interested?   

   If you can fathom the idea of treatment that doesn’t involve antibiotics, I’ll provide the same treatment that enabled my family, and now my patients to win the war against chronic Lyme disease. 

   But before I do so, I want to make it crystal clear that I absolutely advocate immediate antibiotics for all acute, medical laboratory-confirmed cases of Lyme.  I do not ever tell any patients to quit them if they’re on them for chronic Lyme either.  That is each patient’s personal decision, to be discussed only with the prescribing medical doctor. 

   My stance on long-term antibiotics, and my reasons for it must not be construed as me giving you medical advice.  While I don’t ridicule anybody for trying long-term antibiotics for chronic cases, it is not an approach I favor.  My only interest is in safely achieved, long-term patient health results.
  The whole-body, wellness-based treatments I use are bio-energetic treatments; they have no side-effects, nor do they interact in ANY manner with antibiotics (or any drugs).  This is important to know, should you wish to pursue my treatment, but choose to remain on your physician’s prescribed antibiotics too.  I’ve treated people who did both at first, and eventually asked their physician to stop the antibiotics. 

   I’m not naïve.  I understand that for some folks, it's a huge "leap of faith" to do any treatment other than antibiotics.   I once thought the same thing too.

  The Alternative Approach: Your Immune System Does the Work!

   Can we really restore health by trying to chemically annihilate every microbe in our bodies with chemicals (including the beneficial bacteria)? 

   Or should we concentrate on strengthening our bodies so we can win the battle from the inside? 

   This is a matter of personal choice.  Antibiotics are drugs designed to kill bacteria. 

    Treating a PERSON who has a disease is entirely different health care approach. 
It is not a matter of words... it is a completely different science.  On his deathbed, the great Louis Pasteur, known for the germ theory of disease, said that “the microbe is nothing—the terrain is everything.”  He was saying that it’s more important to take care of your BODY that is affected by the germ than the germ itself—devoting our attention to boosting the body’s defenses.  This is precisely the focus of my treatment approach. 

   I treat the patient; not the Lyme.

   I favor natural methods that slowly build a stronger immune system.  Homeopathic medicine is the second most used health care approach in the world.  It is a natural and drug-free treatment method that can deliver impressive results which are safe and often permanent.  Homeopathy is not addictive, and it works in harmony with your immune system, unlike conventional medicine, which often suppresses it to treat symptoms.  The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)—a U.S. government agency, classifies homeopathy as a whole medical system.  It is based upon the principle of treating a problem with a remedy that is similar to the problem itself, but in tremendously diluted form.  

Here are Some Facts About Homeopathic Medicine

Your Doctor May NOT Have Told You:

Homeopathy has been approved and strictly regulated by the FDA since 1938

Homeopathy is a form of ENERGY medicine; it does not contain medicinal substances

Homeopathic supplements are created using plant, animal, mineral and microbial substances

Homeopathy has no known side effects and do not interact with pharmaceutical medicines.  

Homeopathy is used by millions of people in more than 65 countries today.

Homeopathy is used by more than 400,000 health care professionals of all types.  

More than 150 positive studies have recently been published in medical journals—most notably by the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center, published in the International Journal of Oncology.

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Supports Homeopathic Medicine   

   Dr. Luc Montagnier is the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008 for discovering the AIDS virus.  Science magazine of December 24, 2010, published an interview with Professor Montagnier, during which he supported homeopathy.  If your local MD doesn’t “believe in” homeopathy, or discouraged you from it, perhaps you might put more trust in the opinion of a world-renowned scientist.  Lyme sufferers need to be aware of the little-known fact that homeopathy produced impressive results during raging 19th century epidemics of cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, scarlet fever, and influenza!  

The bio-energetic supplements I provide are not available at local health food stores and online.  I am providing many proprietary products created for my practice, and a small handful of others. It is a highly developed approach, based upon that which has been utilized developed mostly in Europe over the past decade or so.  I’m not twisting anybody’s arm to be my patient, nor am I making any bold promises of cures.  I do not utilize any unregulated treatments or protocols that violate any laws, medical board regulations, insurance policies, or ethics.

     Here is the summary of my involvement with chronic Lyme disease.  It’s really simple:

  • My wife, kids and I have all had Lyme disease at some time.  

  • Antibiotics and various other treatments failed miserably. 

  • An expertly administered system of bio-energetic testing and supplements, and ear acupuncture succeeded…

  • I studied Lyme on my own, and was trained in this bio-energetic system for my patients.

  • Overjoyed patients in my practice are making stunning recoveries too.  

  • Although I am experienced and knowledgeable regarding chronic Lyme disease... I do NOT  prescribe antibiotics or any other  medication... therefore... I do not profess to be a so-called “Lyme Literate Medical Doctor,” but...

  If you've been diagnosed with Lyme, or have symptoms... I may be able to help you. 

No gimmicks... no hokey guarantees,  promises or outrageous claims.  My treatment is safe and easy.  I have been licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine since 1993.   

It does not matter whether or not you've been officially diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, or "post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome."  My complementary, natural health care approach is a whole-body, wellness-promoting treatment system; it is not dependent upon blood test results nor the certainty of an infectious tick bite. 

I do not treat test results or diagnoses; I treat PEOPLE.  I make no claim whatsoever of "curing" or treating Lyme disease in the direct medical sense. 

It is only your body... you own immune system that provides cure.  If you are suffering symptoms consistent with chronic Lyme disease, perhaps I can help you.

No Antibiotics...

No Drugs...

No Side Effects...

No Controversy...

No Politics...

Just Help for People

From Coast-to-Coast,

Who Suffer the

Chronic Effects

of Lyme Disease

& Other Tick-Triggered Illness (After All Else Has Failed)

Safe, Simple, Easy, Affordable, and Unique Holistic Wellness Care

Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O., B.A.
Licensed by the 
Virginia Board
of Medicine Since 1993