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Multiple Sclerosis and Its

Association With Lyme Disease

Is it a Crazy Conspiracy Theory, or Perhaps Harsh Reality,  

Backed by Published Medical Research?

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   The term, multiple sclerosis simply means many hardened tissues—specifically degeneration of nerve tissue called the myelin sheath.  The diagnosis of MS does not imply any specific cause.  Multiple sclerosis is a diagnosis of description.  Therefore, it seems logical that any known agent that can result in a substantial amount of the various symptoms of a disease… can be considered a CAUSE.

   For decades, there have been published papers pointing to bacteria, viruses, and fungi as precipitating factors for people with signs and symptoms, which could be categorized as those of multiple sclerosis.

   The infections associated with chronic Lyme disease have been considered by many to be significant. 

   Published medical research (available through most university libraries) has shown that the demyelination (nerve destruction) and sclerotic lesions normally associated with (cause “unknown”) MS, can be caused by long-standing infection from Borrelia, the bacteria associated with Lyme disease. 

   One should be aware that syphilis (caused by similar bacteria to Lyme) can cause demyelination too.  Viruses such as Epstein Barr, as well as mycotoxins (the poisons produced by molds) have been implicated with multiple sclerosis, but ignored medically as well.

The point is infection can trigger autoimmune disorders.  Multiple sclerosis is such a condition.  It is likely that if one is genetically predisposed to MS, a bacterial, fungal, viral, or other infection could trigger the condition.  

   There is NO definitive medical test to diagnose multiple sclerosis.  It is a diagnosis usually arrived at after ruling out other conditions.  Therefore, it seems logical to consider all kinds of microbes.

   But there are some major obstacles.

   On television and the movies, doctors run tests and usually find the cause of the patient’s problem.  I often wonder, what are these tests?   In my practice, I see sufferers of chronic pain and illness, who seem to have had every conceivable medical test… yet nothing can be found.  They are told “nothing is wrong.”

   How can this be?

   We have the greatest medical technology… we can see deep inside the human body with great precision, down to our DNA core…  Yet we’re not a healthy nation.  We’ve got “non-profit” health organizations that have raised countless hundreds of millions of dollars towards research, but people have continued to suffer the same aches and pains, fatigue, depression, digestive difficulties, insomnia, heart disease, and cancer, etc. as always.

   Tens of millions of dollars are spent yearly on research and aid for multiple sclerosis.  The public has been told all along that no cause or cure has been found.  Research is geared towards drug development for MS "management."  This is disturbing, since there have been many doctors and researchers, whose medically published papers have indicated certainty that various micro-organisms can be, at least, part of the cause.

   Could it be that the business of medicine is in conflict with health CARE?

  There are many obstacles involved with possible causes of multiple sclerosis being isolated and treated.  Laboratory tests do NOT work like they do on television and the movies.  They do not find every germ, every lesion, and every cause of every problem!  The standard accepted blood tests for Lyme disease are terrible, and miss the majority of cases.  Chronic Lyme disease must be diagnosed by case history and symptoms, possibly assisted by blood test results—but only if they’re positive.  It is rare that fungal causes are ever considered, if they can properly be tested for at all.  The same goes for viruses.

   The various physical findings of multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease are often exactly the same.  It has been well-established that infectious microbes such as Borrelia, the bacteria of Lyme, can trigger autoimmune responses and nerve damage, which can shown up in your body in the form of symptoms and damage associated with MS.  Unfortunately, it seems that doctors have been willing to blindly trust the negative Lyme blood tests as a ruling out factor, and stick to the general diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  This acceptance of a disease with allegedly no known causes, in my opinion is the leading obstacle.

   The next obstacle comes in the form of treatments.  What if chronic Lyme, and/or fungal causes are indeed found. 

   What will the treatments be? 

   The treatment of Lyme disease through traditional Western medicine is bombing bacteria with long courses of oral and/or intravenous antibiotics.  This is of course a practice that has been considered both dangerous and ineffective (although still done by some doctors).  In addition, since multiple sclerosis is a condition where the brain is affected… and antibiotics do not enter the brain due to the protection of our bodies’ blood-brain-barrier… it is unlikely that antibiotics could do much for the MS type symptoms and degeneration.

   Since pharmaceutical-based medicine has no effective solution for chronic Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis continues to be more commonly diagnosed. 

   There are indeed FDA-approved prescription medicines to manage symptoms associated with MS (as well as for fibromyalgia, and other symptom/sign-based diagnoses). 

   There are none specifically for Lyme-triggered MS, which would be a CAUSE-based, and complete diagnosis

   The same is the case for most fungal problems—anti-fungal medicines have been proven to be very dangerous, and are thus rarely given.  This is despite mountains of evidence of health problems associated with fungi.

   Is it possible that it is much easier, convenient, and lucrative for doctors to give a diagnosis for which there are prescription drugs available to “manage” the condition indefinitely?

   Do you think investigation, discovery, and effective treatment to handle the underlying causes would be destructive to the business of multiple sclerosis? Erroneously labeled “complementary and alternative” medicine has shown insights into multiple sclerosis, but continues to be suppressed and slandered by “Big Pharma.” 

   Methods that work WITH the natural healing capacities of the human body are never seriously looked at.  The harsh reality is that the business of traditional Western medicine rejects this approach.  The homeopathic and ear-acupuncture-based protocols by which my family and my patients have used to successfully overcome the ravages of chronic Lyme disease would be laughed at, at best, by the mainstream medical establishment.  It's a good thing I couldn't care less what other doctors think; results are what matter!  I do not claim to have a treatment or cure for multiple sclerosis... but I have certainly helped people afflicted with it.

   Is it Lyme or is it Multiple Sclerosis? 
Could it be both?

   It's important to understand that there are diagnoses such as MS that are in reality, merely a name given to a set of agreed upon signs and symptoms, often without a CAUSE known or at least associated with the condition.  Then there are diagnoses such as Lyme disease that are specifically based upon a particular cause (the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi). 

   Both multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease are diagnoses that are based upon clinical symptoms, history, and physical findings. 

   Often a neurologist views an MRI of the brain, which reveals lesions of the white matter.  However, this is a finding present in both conditions.

   Unlike the accepted signs and symptoms of MS, chronic Lyme victims may have joint and muscle pains.  Multiple sclerosis is considered a disease of the brain, central nervous system, as well as the optic (eye) nerve. 

   The similarities however, are much fewer than the differences.  Both chronic Lyme and multiple sclerosis share damage to nerves of movement and sensation, as well as cognitive dysfunction, weakness, eye problems, and many others.  It appears that Lyme affects more areas of the nervous system, if we are trying to distinguish one from the other (although I am not!).

   Ultimately, there’s no definitive medical test for either condition.

    I have no doubt that many people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis indeed have Lyme, along with other microbial infections that combined with genetic factors, triggered their autoimmune condition.  

   When we utilize a whole-body, wellness-based approach to treatment, the name of your condition or syndrome does not matter. 

   I do not treat infectious disease, nor do I treat the MS diagnosis.  I treat PEOPLE who suffer pain, fatigue, neurological symptoms, and other problems.  A diagnosis may be a helpful shortcut, as we investigate for possible causes. 

   We want to use non-pharmaceutical approaches to encourage your immune system to function better—to eliminate microbial causes of whatever your condition is categorized as… and to promote healing and halt further degeneration.

Please take your time exploring my website, including all of my articles, testimonials, and other content.

   Since 1993, it has been my privilege and joy to serve the needs of chronic pain sufferers, both local and out-of-state.  Your questions and feedback are welcome, so don’t be shy about emailing me with questions or comments!

Dr. Donald Liebell

Licensed by the

Virginia Board

of Medicine Since 1993