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 7 Reasons Why My Patients

Must NOT Use a Rife Machine   

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

    The Rife machine is a device familiar to many who have searched for Lyme solutions.  While there are people who have benefited from its use; it has proven to interfere with recovery for patients undergoing my treatment. This article is not intended to discredit the Rife machine, but rather explain why I will not treat patients who are using one. If you disagree with what I have to say in my article; please do not write me; my responsibility is to help my patients as much as possible. Rife ruins my treatment!

  The Rife machine was invented around 1930 by Royal Raymond Rife.  He suggested that all cancer was caused by bacteria.  Although one bacterial species, Helicobacter pylori has indeed been linked to stomach cancer, science has revealed viruses (such as Epstein Barr) and fungi to be more significant culprits. 

   Rife machines are proposed to generate radio frequencies that kill bacteria by vibrating them until they explode.  Blasting the bacteria with killing frequencies instead of using antibiotic chemical warfare might seem like an interesting idea, but it has flaws which exclude from being part of treatment.  I will not treat patients who are using Rife machines.   

 Herxheimer Hoax?

   Rife machine users believe bacteria are being killed because they seem to experience Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions.  Often referred to as “herxing,” Herxheimer reactions are a side effect of antibiotic treatment.  Dead or injured bacteria suddenly release their internal toxins directly into the bloodstream at a pace that is overwhelming to the body.  The patient sufferers a highly-exaggerated inflammatory response that can feel like an intense worsening of the existing condition. 

   Herxheimer reactions were originally observed in antibiotic treatment of syphilis in the late 1890s.  Some Lyme/antibiotic-focused doctors suggest the Herxheimer reactions constitute proof of chronic bacterial infection when laboratory diagnosis suggests otherwise.       

   Most sufferers of tick-triggered illness have seriously impaired systems of detoxification and drainage. 

   Even if Rife machines do indeed kill bacteria, an ailing body is ill-equipped to cope with a rapid onslaught of die-off toxins.  Any treatment that causes rapid die-off can further stress an already overwhelmed system. 

   Like antibiotics, Rife frequency treatment does not strengthen the body, nor does it improve immune system function. 

   If the body’s natural systems are not stronger; the patient is not better. 

   Furthermore, Rife machines are not FDA-cleared medical devices either.  I will not use any treatment that could potentially harm anybody.  Years ago, I observed that those patients who used the Rife machine (on their own accord), in conjunction with my treatment did not achieve satisfactory results.  The Rife machine undermined their success! For those who have found success with modern Rife machines (and report that they have improved), and that they deliver "healing and detoxification" frequencies too, I will still respectfully insist that they not be used by patients of my clinic.    

   While blowing up bacteria with killing frequencies may sound like a good idea as an alternative to antibiotics, I sternly warn against it.  I am aware that testimonials of people who have succeeded with Rife treatment exist, and I think it is worth further scientific exploration for other uses.  Nevertheless, it is off-limits during my care.

 I never have, nor will I ever interfere with a patient’s prescription medical treatment.  Patients who seek my wellness care for tick-triggered illness, typically have tried and failed with antibiotic therapy.  Some begin my treatment while still on antibiotics, and by their own decision wean themselves off them.  I let them know that it’s safe and okay to do both types of treatment, although it will take much longer to get better. 

   I do not ever tell anybody to stop antibiotics. However, I do insist that anybody seeking my care discontinues usage of the Rife machine.  I am not trying to criticize patients and doctors or their treatment choices.  My duty is to educate.  My mission is to restore health to those in need.  I could easily get Rife machines for my patients and sell them for a tidy profit.  I do not, and I will not.  Not for the Rife of me!  

Taking your Rife in Your Hands?
The top 7 reasons to NOT Use Rife machines

1)  Rife machines use powerful KILLING frequencies—not HEALING frequencies, therefore their usage does not promote wellness

2)  Rife treatment does NOT enhance immune system function—it is just another proposed “weapon of mass destruction” intended to directly annihilate microbes.  TRUE health and progressive strengthening of the body must come as a result of your immune system attacking germs.

3)  Rife treatment seems to cause rapid die-off release of toxins, which results in the significant side effects associated with Herxheimer reactions caused by antibiotics.

4)  Like antibiotic therapy, Rife treatment does not account for detoxification or drainage of such toxins.

5)  Rife machines are also a large and unnecessary expense.

6)  Rife machines are not an approved device for medical use.  I will not potentially endanger my patients’ health, nor will I use a device that is not legal for my usage.

7)  I repeatedly see patients for whom Rife treatment has failed.  I have found that success is absolutely hindered by these machines!  I’m not saying Rife machines don’t ever work… they simply do not improve MY patients’ results… they make them worse, in my experience.