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No Antibiotics...

No Drugs...

No Side Effects...

No Controversy...

No Politics...

Just Help for People

From Coast-to-Coast,

Who Suffer the

Chronic Effects

of Lyme Disease

& Other Tick-Triggered Illness (After All Else Has Failed)

Safe, Simple, Easy, Affordable, and Unique Holistic Wellness Care

Have You Really Tried Everything Possible to Conquer

the Chronic Effects of Lyme Disease and Related Illness?   

    By Dr. Donald Liebell

     Your days are long, the nights even longer... the endless dark sky,

the restlessness... the deep void. Having to live withchronic Lyme disease

is a terrible punishment.  I understand you’re not who you once were,

before this horrible problem ruined your life.   Perhaps you were a person

who could be everything for everyone in your family.  Or, you could do a

dozen tasks, many at the same time – always putting yourself last, and

never depending on anyone else. 

   Now, because of Lyme, it seems like you have nothing to give! 

Please don’t lose yourself in this ugly, endless cycle.  Somewhere you have to find the courage to try one more thing. 

   You deserve that! 

   You're seriously harming yourself if you're listening to those who say that you can't recover... those doctors who reduce your humanity with one drug after another, making you more removed from who you are. 

   My practice exists for you to have a realistic chance to make a sweeter life for yourself.  Life should be a celebration.  My patients can tell you they have their ability to experience joy restored... to take back the power of their lives. 

   This is my purpose.

   Those who suffer the chronic effects of Lyme disease (and other related illness) tend to have less-than-satisfactory experiences with doctors.  My patients commonly report having seen a dozen or so doctors before trying my approach.  Most have spent many years under antibiotic therapy.  

 Is it really acceptable to be under treatment for many years without recovery?

   It seems that the reality is that beyond prescribing long-term antibiotics and other drugs… most physicians are reluctant to devote much time to treating people afflicted with it.   Some have proclaimed themselves “Lyme Literate Medical Doctors” apparently inferring they have an additional medical degree… merely because they acknowledge chronic Lyme, and are willing to give antibiotic treatment beyond what science has deemed safe and reasonable.  

      I can humbly say that I am helping liberate chronic Lyme disease sufferers from a “life sentence” of pain, fatigue, depression, misery, and “brain fog”… exclusively using my wellness-based protocols, which are extremely safe, drugless, and non-surgical (all of which are FDA cleared)... the same protocol by which my wife, children, and I have fully recovered from Lyme… without antibiotics. 

   This website and my practice exist to share with the public the same protocol by which my family, and now lots of patients have beaten the debilitating effects of Lyme disease.

   It is up to YOU to judge the effectiveness of my treatments and me. 

   My statement is simply that I consistently help people from coast-to-coast, who have suffered the effects of Lyme disease… whether or not they’ve been officially diagnosed or not. 

   I treat the PERSON (the whole body) who has Lyme; NOT the disease. 

   It is your body that is the "cure."  Your immune system can do what no prescription drug can do... with the right help to restore its functional capacity.

   It is not even in my scope of practice to "treat" Lyme disease in the traditional medical sense (I don't prescribe drugs, nor do I treat infectious diseases).  However, I am making no outrageous, false, misleading, or inappropriate claim when I state that my treatments are indeed helping those afflicted with the chronic effects of Lyme disease sufferers to naturally recover.

   I understand and accept that fact that Lyme disease is a condition that has been subject to bitter controversy.  There are endless debates over the legitimacy of it as a diagnosis, let alone how people who “have” it should be treated.  Many physicians chalk up your Lyme symptoms to mental illness.  Perhaps you’ve been told by a doctor that your symptoms were “all in your head.” 

   Little do they apparently understand that Lyme CAUSES mental illness! 

   This is not speculation or “conspiracy theory” from Dr. Liebell; it is a statement of fact from published medical research!  I discuss this, as well as every possible Lyme-related subject my patients and I can think of, throughout my website.      

  What is the purpose of Hope4Lyme.com?

   My mission is to enable as many people as possible to return to a healthier, pain-free state, utilizing my own drug-free procedures and advice, in conjunction with any necessary services from other professionals (and non-professionals).

   I’m not here to convince traditionally-trained medical doctors to change their ways of prescribing antibiotics (or whatever the “drug du jour” happens to be at the moment).  Accordingly, I am not here to tell you use, or not use such medications (I won’t ever do that). 

   If you and/or your physician believe an exclusively drug-based health care approach constitutes acceptable medical care—that is a matter of choice.  But I’m not the least bit interested in acceptance or admiration from those who chose to close their minds to a drug only model. 

   The principles of practice and the treatments I use are classified as complementary and alternative medicine.  I find that people interpret such terminology in different ways.  The bottom line is that I do not use pharmaceuticals to treat my patients, and thus the classification of my methods.

   My goal is to be informative—in the most comprehensive manner I can. 

   If you’re looking for “quick fixes,” gimmicks, “wonder drugs,” and “miracle cures” for chronic Lyme disease… you are definitely barking up the wrong tree. 

   If you are seeking a simplistic approach to restoring your health, and are NOT interested in a serious effort to restore your immune system’s ability to fight off Lyme and its many complications… using treatment methods that work with the natural healing capacity of your body... I am NOT the doctor for you.

However, if you ARE seeking help, with outstanding personal attention to your condition, in the context of your entire body… and your goal is to get you healthy… you and I will be a good fit. 

   Since 1993, it has been my privilege and joy to serve the needs of chronic pain sufferers, both local and out-of-state.  Your questions and feedback are welcome, so don’t be shy about emailing me with questions or comments at: necksecret@gmail.com.  It will be my privilege to help you, if I can.  

Dr. Donald Liebell
D.C., B.C.A.O., B.A.
Licensed by the 
Virginia Board
of Medicine Since 1993